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Potsdam (dpa/bb) – Culture Despite Corona – This works, and even very well. Experience music and theater against a historical background in the midst of the remains of an ancient Renaissance castle: shortly after the first closing in 2020, the cultural section of the Freyenstein (Ostprignitz-Ruppin) Association was created, which has been named Freykult since that year, share this The outdoor scene that began at the Brandenburg Festival. “We started when others were doing nothing,” said Bodo Hargas, a member of the association.

The following year 2021, the festival musicians returned to Friedenstein again. “You can’t just leave something like that, the culture has to come,” says Hercules. This year, Freykult is planning an entire cultural summer. This is also possible because you work closely with the Protestant parish, which in turn plans to hold concerts in the church. According to his own statements, this year, singer Burkhard von Puttkamer deliberately chose the venue for an open-air concert (June 19) with songs from the 1920s.

In September, musicians from the Brandenburg Festival will be back at the Old Castle again. “We hope this time without greater distances to the virus and with a larger audience,” Hergaß said.

“People are hungry for outdoor culture,” said Frank Reich, managing director of the Free Theater Association in Brandenburg. The trend is clearly going abroad to meet and experience the culture together. Note that there is an urgent need. “There are cheerful expectations in the theater.” Reich was glad that none of the Society’s 35 theaters closed. We’ve been through Corona really well. State and federal programs absorbed the loss of income as well as municipalities and kept theaters alive. Among other things, there were small scholarships for self-employed individuals, including actors and musicians. Ventilation systems have also been enhanced.

This summer, three large mobile theaters will travel through Brandenburg and appear in open-air theaters, including the mobile theater troupe “Ton und Kirschen”. The theater from Werder (Potsdam-Mittelmark) usually installs the theater and amphitheater in the historic squares, but also in the village center or even in the fields. Theater director David Johnston said Aeschylus’ first play “Prometheus Pound” went through rehearsal last year, and could hardly be more recent. “It scares me,” he jokes. It is about resisting a powerful authority – a political prisoner who refuses to surrender. The premiere will take place on the 5th of June in Havelsee (Potsdam Mittelmark).

In Netzeband (Ostprignitz-Ruppin), all the surrounding residents are once again participating in outdoor culture this year. 26 years ago, the Temnitzkirche Association began the cultural summer, which consists of three plays each. One of them, “Unter dem Milchwald,” is part of the standard set, explains club spokeswoman Ute Schindler. Locals slip into 53 expressive larger-than-life figures that reflect daily life in a Welsh fishing village.

According to Schindler, the scene has been expanded into a year-round experience since fall 2021 under the name Netzeband Kultur. “This also includes church concerts,” she says. While there is plenty of room for decency outdoors, it would be difficult to do so in a church without restricted entry. “We are optimistic that we will be able to take full advantage of the available space this fall,” the spokeswoman said.

After Corona’s two-year break, trolls and elves reappear in Lusatia – Spreewald Night of Legends takes place on Pentecost weekend (4-6 June). Mythical and mythical creatures dominate the Schlossberg in Burg. For three nights in a row, it was an outdoor spectacle about the history, customs, and mystical beings of the Sorbs in Spreewald. The event has loyal fans who return to it every year, according to Deputy Director Christoph Neumann.

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