Can the child seat be placed on the front passenger seat? What parents should know

Child seat in the front passenger seat: Parents should definitely know these rules

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The child in the car: who sits in the front passenger seat and when? One detail in the car is very important.

If you are traveling by car, you have to deal not only with traffic lights that no one knows about, but also with various rules for the interior of the car. This is noisy echo24.deThe condition of the passenger is very important. And anyone who sits in front is also of interest to the police. With children, parents need to know exactly whether or not a child seat is allowed in the front passenger seat. And which ones apply to kids anyway?

When deciding where to sit a child in the car, parents need to consider a number of factors. Is it an infant or a small child? Maxi Cosi or child seat? Or just a booster seat? The answer to who is allowed to sit in the front passenger seat will likely surprise many. It was always clear: “You can sit in the front when you’re twelve.”

Child seat on the front passenger seat: Children can also sit in the front

number again German Automobile Club (ADAC) Writes in a job interview, can “Legally, children and infants of all ages sit in the front passenger seat.”. It is important, however, that children who “Under 12 years old or less than 150 cm, secured with a child-friendly seat”.

Child seat commitment

Adak wrote: The Road Traffic Act (StVO) regulates the size and age at which a child seat is mandatory. Child seats then become mandatory for children up to 150 cm in height or up to 12 years of age. This means that children from 12 years old or if they are taller than 1.50 meters can ride in the car without a child seat – with the appropriate seat belt, of course. Of course, these rules also apply to short trips. The person behind the wheel is always responsible for ensuring that children are properly secured in the vehicle.

With the selection of a child seat, more critical measures are added. The front airbag may then have to be deactivated.

As a passenger: child seats require special procedures

As the ADAC explains, in Vehicles with a front passenger active airbag (front passenger airbag) cannot have rear-facing child seats in the front passenger seatIn the event of an accident, the seat can be pushed heavily by the airbag.

If there is no way to deactivate the front airbag, under no circumstances should your child be allowed to sit in the rear-facing front passenger seat. If the child seats are facing the direction of travel, then in most cases they can be installed on the front passenger seat. It is therefore important that the seat is not too close to the airbag. “The child’s feet should not rest on the dashboard”.

ADAC experts point out that parents should always do this Instructions for use by manufacturers of car and child seats must be considered.

Child seat on the front passenger seat: How to disable the airbag

In the vast majority of cases, in newer cars “So-called airbag switches are provided as standard or at an additional cost, with which the driver can deactivate the passenger airbag himself.”. The keys are usually located in the glove box area.

However, the ADAC still recommends rear seats for children, even with current regulations. That’s why she says: “The safest place for children is primarily the right rear or rear center. Only in exceptional cases should a child passenger seat be considered.”

Passenger seat for child seats as an option: a quick look at the regulations

subordinate German Automobile Club of the YearA child seat in the front passenger seat is only a feasible option and offers important tips for parents:

  • Forward-facing child seats: this is Permitted by law in the front seat. However, the child seat should be pushed back as far as possible.
  • Rear-facing child seats: Most child seats (Maxi-Cosi) – can only be installed on the passenger seat with the front airbag deactivated. If this cannot be locked, then space in the foreground is forbidden.

If the car also has side airbags, parents should always ensure that the child is sleeping Do not drop your head to the side in the effective range of the airbag..

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