Best New Series in June 2022

You can watch the third season of “The Boys” on Amazon Prime Video starting June 3.Photo: / Jasper Savage

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Various streaming providers Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Sky, MagentaTV and Joyn have a lot of new and great series. To make your choice easier, we have picked the most exciting new releases for June 2022.

Whether it’s documentaries, comedies, mystery thrillers, or anything in between: you’ll find just the right series and movies in the Watson Series Guide!


“Money Heist: Korea”

Starting June 24, Netflix has a very special series: “Money Heist: Korea”. Thus, the streaming service combines the hype surrounding the Spanish hit series “Money Heist” with the hype surrounding “The Squid Game”. However, “Money Heist: Korea” is not only intended to be a remake, but also contains a political component that adapts to the situation. The claim for the new series is: “Theft Without Borders.” Because the series takes place in a world where North and South Korea meet. In the midst of political turmoil, a group of criminals come up with an ingenious plan to steal millions.

“Umbrella Academy”

Once again, the world is about to end and there are only a few days left to save it: this is a specialty Umbrella Academy. You can watch Season 3 on Netflix starting June 22nd. The seven adopted siblings with supernatural powers must unite. But this time, they not only travel through time, but also travel to another world where the Sparrow Academy is located instead of the Umbrella Academy. There’s also a particularly nice twist in season three: Vanya’s character appears as a transgender and is now called Victor. This matches the real-life development of its actor, Elliot Page.

Amazon Prime Video

“The Boys”

Fans have had to wait a long time for the continuation of the black comic superhero series, but now it’s finally time: Season 3 of “The Boys” will be available on Amazon Prime Video starting June 3. After the new superhero Stormfront proved to be an extreme right in the previous season, the “Seven” had some PR work to do. Meanwhile, Butcher and Heggy have retired from the scene and are planning their next steps. An anti-superhero weapon falls into their hands, but it can pose a danger to themselves. Then there’s the mysterious first superhero, Soldier Boy. Is it the key to destroying the power of superheroes?

“this is us”

If you ever want to cry well again, maybe this series is just right for you: Since June 1, you can watch the final sixth season of the drama series “This is Us” on Amazon Prime Video. It becomes emotional and touching. Because Rebecca (Mandy Moore) is showing signs of dementia. Aus diesem Grund will sie sich noch an so viele schöne Momente wie möglich aus ihrem Leben erinnern: von der Hochzeit mit Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), über die Kindheit von Randall, Kate und bis hin mil, zur gegene Fagenwart Kevin Kinderund to have. Tells family life in flashbacks.

Disney +

“How did I meet your father?”

What an unexpected show: New to Disney+, you can watch the “How I Met Your Father” sitcom from June 8. In it, Hilary Duff plays Sophie, a photographer who lives in New York. She has a circle of friends with whom she has some big city adventures, but she is also looking for love. Her story is very different from that of Ted, who was searching for his future wife and mother of his children in How I Met Your Mother. Because dating apps didn’t make the single life any easier… By the way, Sophie the future was played by Kim Catrall. If you miss her dearly in And Just Like That, you can look forward to How I Met Your Father.

“Mrs. Marvel”

Good news for all Marvel fans: starting June 8, you can watch the new superhero series “Ms. Marvel” on Disney+. However, the tone of the series is different from other Marvel productions like “Moon Knight” because “Mrs. Marvel” is set in a high school – so the heroes also have to struggle with typical teenage problems. The series focuses on 16-year-old Kamala Khan. She is a typical geek and enjoys comics, fan stories, and video games. Its great heroine is Captain Marvel. Kamala dreams of how easy her life would be if she had superpowers too – until her wish actually came true.


“My wonderful friend”

You can watch the Italian drama “My Brilliant Girlfriend” on MagentaTV starting June 9. HBO’s literary adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s quartet focuses on the friendship between two women. Lila and Elena grew up in poor conditions in Naples in the 1950s. Elena is encouraged by her teacher. Laila has to work in her parents’ workshop and at the age of 16 she marries a mafia man who beats her. In season three, the girlfriends are in their early twenties and marry Elena in a respectable family in northern Italy. Meanwhile, Laila has protested for workers’ rights, while her health is getting worse. A touching series about friendship, told in very aesthetic pictures.

swimming with sharks

New to MagentaTV you can watch the exciting drama series “Swimming with Sharks”. Theme: Young Lou (Kiernan Shipka) moves from a small town to Los Angeles and starts as an intern at a production company. The manager is the notorious Joyce Holt (Diane Kruger), whom all employees fear – and rightfully so, with time. However, Lou doesn’t let the atmosphere frustrate him and patiently makes his way around. Far from being naive, she approaches her boss and gathers information on her to launch an attack. Thrilling intrigue series with two strong actresses.


From June 27 you can watch the new season “Westworld” on Sky. The horror drama series is set in the future where human-like robots have been successfully produced. These people “live” in a Western world and do not realize that they are not real people. Park guests immerse themselves in this world and can do whatever they want with robots – and they do it: robots are tortured, raped, and cruelly killed hundreds of times. After that, their “memory” was erased and returned to the park. But a small part of the memory remains, and so the robots plan a revolution against humans.


Bless this mess.

New to Joyn You can watch the sitcom ‘Bless This Mess’. Lake Bell and Dax Shepherd play a New York couple who inherit a farm in rural Nebraska. And since rents in the big city are pretty high anyway, the two decided to actually move to the country. However, the poetess’ dream quickly fades when it becomes clear that the farmhouse has completely collapsed. The amenities of city life are also absent, and the neighbors are also no stranger. Can the two make friends with rural life or will they soon return to civilization?

He’s been pretty quiet about Sophia Thomalla on social media for the past few days, for example, followers have to dispense with couple content with Alex Zverev entirely for now. But there’s a good reason for that: The 32-year-old is in the middle of filming the dating format “Are You the One?” , which is produced for RTL+. Season 4 is coming now.

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