Basketball qualifiers: Bayern Munich officials blame and caution

Admonish and warning, this is how you would describe the current set of language used by FC Bayern officials. On Saturday, the German Basketball Cup winner and Euroleague quarter-finalist will meet Telekom Baskets Bonn in Game Three of the semi-finals, for the first time at their home Audi Dome (6pm). The Bavarians won the first game in Bonn clearly (80:68), and the second by a narrow margin (82:81). Now could come the next sweep, a smooth 3-0 run through this best-of-five series – as in the quarter-final against the Niners of Chemnitz.

That’s exactly why Bayern Munich managing director Marco Pesic and Bayern coach Andrea Trinchieri forcefully warned on Thursday at the sidelines media roundtable: Because they don’t want complacency creeping into the players’ heads before they reach the final. “It is the most dangerous game of the series, because everyone thinks that Bayern Munich should only perform and you fall. Closing a chain is the most difficult thing,” said Pesic. Trenchery, who has always been a friend of beautiful language images and flowery words, became militaristic this time: “We need a lot of killer instinct. If you think you still have many chances, that’s the biggest mistake you can make. But humanely. Mission then It is to fight against human nature.”

In the case of Bayern, it is clear what Trencherie means. His players have played about 90 matches since the fall, but there was nothing concrete (and tangible titles only for the Munich team). Sure, the hugely successful Euroleague season ended somewhat in the quarter-finals in Barcelona, ​​but in the DBB Cup it was an early end against the Chemnitz side who now dominated Bayern in the quarter-finals. So the championship is the only title that Munich can win, which is why everyone warns and warns.

FCB manager Besic criticizes the rhythm of the match

“This season was different, we didn’t have a lot of material. Maybe that gives us the suit pants,” says Trenchery, who often saw himself as a tailor who was supposed to make a suit out of his available fabric. You will look funny anyway – trencherry in such a dress.

Bayern know Bonn is not an opponent you can beat with a pass, which was evident in Bayern’s light win in the second game. Boone has one of this year’s BBL season finds in its ranks at Parker Jackson-Cartwright, who is just 1.80m tall. The playmaker is fast and energetic and is an excellent three-point shooter – only North Rhine-Westphalia game too designed for the 26-year-old American.

On the other hand, Bayern still does not have all the key players on board. For example, Cory Walden has been suffering from back problems for weeks. “It’s a series of things that have happened to him in the last two or three months and that is now affecting his back pain,” explains managing director Pesic, who also doesn’t see “any chance of qualifying” for Darron Hilliard (a broken collarbone). Zan Mark Sisko (back muscle problems) is still the most likely use. Meanwhile, Pesic criticized the qualifier’s rhythm, and the FCB managing director said about the five days between match two and three against Boone: “The breaks are too long, to be honest, that’s a problem.” Players difficult to maintain tension. But the qualifiers play in the minds of not only the players but also the minds of the fans. And these breaks are completely counterproductive. I hope next season will be better.

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