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Ariadne von Scherach is a philosopher, teaches at various universities and works as a freelance journalist. Her books address basic questions: Why do we live? How do we face fears? Do we have a right to happiness?

Featured in this feature are her books “The Dance for Lust” (2007), “You shouldn’t work. for a new life art of living” (2014), and “The Psychotic Society. How We Over the Fear andlessness” (2020) ) pages where I celebrated “fry fireworks.” In her latest book, Happiness Attempts – On the Art of Talking to the Soul, she references Greek antiquity and realizes that happiness is not just about self-improvement, it’s about friendship, relationships, and sharing.

Mrs. von Scherach, I have studied philosophy, psychology and sociology. Master’s thesis entitled “Identity as Nomads Wandering Among Possibilities of Existence”. Are these opportunities to exist that interest you most?

Ariadne of Shirash: In any case. I think the topic behind my investigations is as simple as it is profound. It is a human issue. What does it mean to be human? We live questions, indefinite animals that must constantly find new answers for our being here. To be human is to think of being human. This is, of course, the question of identity, which is only tentatively answered. Something was always added to who I was, or something new came out of it. Personally, I believe that one of the greatest possible forms of luxury is the ability to pursue different identities. For example, it is great to be able to teach at the university. I like to give public lectures to businessmen and cultural institutions. Then I also became a mother at the same time and this is a whole new world, my main job with all its ups and downs. I think having this opportunity to continue exploring new aspects of my humanity is a real form of happiness for me.

My voice: Ariadne von Scherach on happiness and the art of living (55 min)

In your book, you write, “We humans are the only animals capable of creating living conditions that overwhelm them.” I asked myself when I read this sentence, is this true?

Ariadne of Shirash: There are these human abysses, for example those between what I ought to do and what I do. Then there’s also the difference between what I think I’m doing and what I’m actually doing, but that’s where it gets really bad. At some point we will meet Mr. Freud. This is actually what alienation means, that we can modify ourselves in a way and live a life that does not do us justice. Or we put on a mask of other people we suffer behind because we are completely different. And I don’t think any squirrel would do that.

Ariadne von Schirach – You have a known name. Her grandfather was a Nazi youth leader and Gauleiter from Vienna, Baldur von Schirach. Her cousin is Ferdinand von Scherach and her father is Richard von Scherach, a Sinologist who has written a book about his feud with his father, Baldur von Scherach. As you said yourself, this first book, “Take or Die Lust,” which deals with sexism, is a book that inevitably grabs the headlines. She was called: the frivolous granddaughter of the leader of the Reich Hitler Youth. Why did you expose yourself to this?

Ariadne of Shirash: It was terrible for me. I have suffered so badly. I was stupid. The thing is, I’ve misjudged every mistake. But that was also my fault and it was also the script’s fault. The text has now changed. It contains all my questions that have occupied me for 20 years. I’m very proud of the book, it’s great. The media called me a Nazi blonde pornstar. I have retired from public life. I was offered to immediately rewrite the same book for more money. I had to save my soul. And now I said: Stop! I asked myself what makes me happy. These are the Happiness Attempts columns and I’ve now updated everything. That was the beginning of my research with Dancing About Lust, so we also go back to the beginning of ourselves: Our desire is what comforts us about our own mortality, what reconciles us with one another and sets us apart again. Getting that back before it was commercialized is still relevant and maybe that’s where we can’t stop dancing for fun. Lest we forget what is worth living for.

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