100 days of war against Ukraine: how the US position has evolved

Status: 03/06/2022 04:34 AM

Russia has been attacking Ukraine for 100 days now. During this time, the United States did much to ensure Kyiv’s resilience. A number of goals are being pursued in Washington.

Written by Reinhard Baumgarten, ARD Studio Washington

Money, guns, ammunition and intelligence. John Herbst believes that without this help, Ukraine has long become the prey of Putin. What’s more: “The support of the West under American leadership gave Ukraine a chance to win.”

Herbst was the US ambassador to Kyiv. Today he is director of the influential think tank Atlantic Council.

It would be ideal if Ukraine defeats Russia tomorrow. If it takes two years, it won’t be perfect. But the best, Ukraine is the one who wins. The two-year war means a lot of wear and tear for Russia as well as Ukraine. We don’t want that.

About five billion dollars in military and technical aid

That is why the United States supplies anti-aircraft missiles, armor-piercing weapons, long-range howitzers with heavy ammunition, armored vehicles, attack helicopters, radar systems, night vision goggles, multiple rocket launchers and much more.

The Biden administration has already provided about $5 billion in military and technical assistance. upward trend. Putin’s war against Ukraine affects not only Europe, the US president explains US support. It is an attack on democracy and the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The Biden administration is also pursuing political goals

Joe Biden also justifies the US involvement in Kyiv with the brutality and atrocity of Russian forces in Ukraine.

Putin’s brutal war in Ukraine is not just an attempt to control Ukraine. He is trying to erase the culture and identity of Ukrainians. Attacks on schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and museums aim only to erase a culture.

The more Ukraine succeeds in defending itself, the more Putin’s war exposes weaknesses in his military hardware, the more the Biden administration will pursue political and strategic goals with its support for Ukraine. According to John Herbst, it’s no longer just about stopping Putin.

Weakening Russia militarily and economically. If Russia pursues a civilized foreign policy, we have no interest in having a weak Russia or a weak Russian army.

The controversy over the amount of financial aid

US Secretary of State Blinken announced weeks ago that Russia would be so weakened that it would not be able to attack neighboring countries. Weakening Russia means strengthening Ukraine. The Biden administration wants to provide about $40 billion for this.

57 Republicans voted against it in the House of Representatives. It is also opposed by former President Trump.

We need to spend more money on financing, recruiting and training our police forces. If the United States can send $40 billion to Ukraine, we must do everything we can to keep our children safe here.

John Herbst of the Atlantic Council, a think-tank that accuses opponents of the aid package for Ukraine, is shortsighted.

This opposition is ignorant. They do not realize that Putin is a threat to American interests in Europe. It serves American interests if Ukraine defeats Putin in Ukraine.

If John Herbst, the former US ambassador to Ukraine, is okay, the US will supply Ukraine with much more heavy and advanced weapons. In his opinion, there was no imminent escalation. Above all, Putin understands and responds to the language of determination and strength.

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