What you need to know about Tischlein-Deck-Dich

Marburg celebrates its fiftieth birthday on Sunday (5 June) with a huge birthday table made up of 800 sets of beer tents. From 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Marburg residents, as well as guests from outside Marburg, can celebrate on the city highway under the banner “Tischlein-Deck-Dich” on the 2.5 kilometer “Festival Mile”. The pass to the north is called Tischlein lane, and the pass to the south is the “navigation lane”. While the Tischlein Pass has tables and benches as well as six stages, the hopping pass is used to get around by bike, scooter, sled, or on foot.

In this article we provide brief and concise information on the most important points about the main event.


Federal Highway 3 was closed to traffic on Sunday (May 5) for the main Marburg anniversary event between the Marburg-Süd and Kolbe/Verde junction from about 5 a.m. in the morning. The closure continues into the night. Signs were placed on bypass roads, both in the city and in large areas.

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B3 will be closed for anniversary events from 5 a.m. on Sunday in both directions from the Marburg-Süd and Cölbe/Wehrda junctions. A large area has been diverted to the south from the Fraunhausen/Ipsdorfergrund junction. From there it passes the Ebsdorfer Grund via Kirchhain and Federal Highway 62 to Bürgeln, where traffic is diverted back to the B3. For cross-regional traffic from the north, this diversion applies in reverse.

At the intersection of Marburg Sud, traffic can still exit from the B3 to Marburg or vice versa in the direction of Gießen. An in-city diversion via Lahnberge is available for northbound traffic. The road from Marburg-Süd to Gisselberger Straße is still open, but as a one-way street only in that direction. Krekel is a dead end, the entrance from the south is closed.

If you’re coming from the north, leave the B3 at the Cölbe/Wehrda junction. The diversion marked again takes place via Lahnberge and Südspange to the B3 junction south. If you want to get to the Wehrda or Cölbe district from the North Wehrda/Cölbe exit, drive via Siemensstraße, Afföllerstraße and Kaufpark.

Heading there

If possible, you should travel to Marburg without a car. According to the city of Marburg, the Stadtwerke bus schedule will be greatly expanded, for example with the hourly call to the areas from 9 am and additional traffic from the exhibition center through the old university library and Erlenring to the Tischlein central entrances. Travel by bus is free, and the train also offers free trips to Biedenkopf. Darüber hinaus – und weil parallel auch die Aktion “Lahntal total” stattfindet – fährt die Regionalbahn zwischen Marburg, Biedenkopf und Erndtebrück statt der sonst zweistündigen Verbindungen an diesem Tag stündlich. hour. In addition, the railways mainly use double-decker buses.

More information about bus and train services is available at www.rmv.de.

The Tischlein Pass can be reached on foot via entrances at Marburg-Mitte, Marburg-Bahnhofstrasse, Esso gas station, Adolf-Reichwein-School/AquaMar pedestrian bridge and via the commute pass (facing south) with entrances at Bahnhofstrasse, Marburg- Mitte, campground, Gisselberger exit Straße and via barrier-free transitions between the two tracks.

Here is a general map of Marburg with entrances, transfers, table and toilet distributions, information points and stages.


P+R parking spaces are available at Messeplatz, at Kaufpark Herkules (Temmlerstraße) or at Pharmaserv (Emil-von-Behring-Straße). A shuttle bus runs from Messeplatz to the old university library and to the entrances to Tischlein. Parking spaces are also available in the city centre.

Cyclists can park their two-wheeled vehicle at the bike stops at the crossings and then proceed to the Tischlein lane.

a program

About 370 different clubs, institutions, initiatives, organizations, groups, companies and neighborhoods present themselves at more than 800 beer table groups. Whether it’s a choir, DJ, children’s songwriter, bingo, trash cleanup, costume, photoshoot, screen printing, climate protection, ceramics, beekeeping, medicine, faith, a mile from craft, community, history, climbing wall, camping, or ball Basket or on-site education, mobile phones advertising and cycling museum, the offer along the 2.5 kilometer road couldn’t be more diverse. There are six stages.

The judge will officially open the festival at 11 am on the main stage (near the old university library). There is a music school and a Pentecost service that will run the program throughout the day. Four smaller stages along the way give birthday table groups and establishments the opportunity to present themselves. In the south, the upper Hessian Press will provide entertainment. During the day, VfL Blasorchester, Howdiemania, Yerba Colorá, Bloody Merry and Rhythm Torpedos will play there. Detailed information about the program in the surgical phase can be found here.

800 tables are already used, but every twenty table is an identification table and anyone can use it.

to eat and drink

At four “FoodPoints” along Tischlein-Spur there are various eating and drinking offerings. Of course, you can also take your food and drinks at the registered tables.


Here is a general map of Marburg. At this point you will find a list of table occupancy. In addition, volunteers provide information at five information points about his whereabouts. Information points are marked with large yellow balloons and are located at barrier-free transitions from the navigation to the Tischlein lane.

Disabled visitors

Volunteer guides are available for people with disabilities who want to be a part of the action spontaneously and need someone to accompany them on the city highway. These are available around the clock at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm at the following meeting points: Station steps in front of the main train station, Erlenring Market Triangle, right in front of the steps of the Rewe Building, Alte Uni-Library bus stop, Wilhelm- Röpke-Strasse 4.

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Written by Katharina Kaufmann Hirsch

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