Villa Concordia in Bamberg celebrates its anniversary

The artists’ house at Villa Concordia in Bamberg celebrates its 25th anniversary on Thursday. The Bavarian State Minister for Science and the Arts, Marcus Blum, also participated in the ceremony. The House of International Artists was founded in 1997 by the Free State. It offers scholarship holders from all over the world the opportunity to work on their own projects, meet other artists and develop new ideas for a limited time.

International Art in Bamberg

On average, scholarship holders reside in Cathedral City for five or eleven months. In order to fully devote themselves to their arts, Free State covers accommodation and living expenses. Above all, this aims to enable new art, more developed music and literature and to promote the deepening of cultural relations. The Board of Trustees, which is replaced every three years, decides who should have this opportunity in Bamberg. The committee currently includes Claudia Amthor-Kroft of the Goethe-Institut Munich, Tanya Graf, director of the House of Literature in Munich, and Ulrik Sibnhar, culture officer of the city of Bamberg.

Overall, Villa Concordia is a three-section house intended to be a place for new literature, fine arts, and music. Artists from different cultures and styles should meet here, exchange ideas and develop joint projects. This is also what the name stands for, because Concordia means the goddess of harmony in mythology. However, artists meet not only at the House of International Artists. At about 80 events annually, citizens and artists interested in art can engage in conversation in the context of exhibitions, readings, and concerts.

Kunstlerhaus creates space

The scholarship holders live in Villa Concordia, in the Orangery Building and in the Neuer Ebracher Hof, the former city palace of the monks. Artists can withdraw here and work on new works. In April, Barbara Fontaine also received a Concordia Scholarship. The Paris-born translator will remain in Bamberg until March 2023. Her focus is on fiction with contemporary authors such as Hans-Ulrich Treichel. Garance Arcadias also holds a scholarship in Bamberg. Her research is devoted to the topic of “Passage and Vitality”. In Bamberg, she plans to create sculptures of broken glass in order to develop a practice that focuses more on the concept of “chop under chop,” which is barely perceptible, and the condition of the “middle.”

From the field of music, Andrea Neumann from Berlin is one of the scholarship recipients. She studied classical piano and developed the indoor piano, a string-covered aluminum frame that is played with preps and strengthened with the help of a mixer and several pickups. Her solo works and current collections move in a tension between electronic music, improvisation, composition, performance and sound art.

Art creates connection

By accepting artists from other European countries, the Free State of Bavaria wants to contribute to the promotion of the European idea by awarding grants. In addition, the House of International Artists should contribute to the cultural life of Bamberg and the region through collaborations with local institutions, through public appearances by scholarship recipients and through its own events.

In March 2022, the Free State awarded twelve additional scholarships to refugee artists from Ukraine. They receive 1,500 euros per month and can therefore continue their artistic work.

Since April 2010, Villa Concordia has been managed by award-winning Ingeborg Bachmann Nora-Eugenie Gomringer.

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