Ulm: The poet Christine Langer organizes the Ulm Poetry Summer

The first summer of hair begins in Ulm. With unconventional formats and fresh ideas, the audience must be passionate about poetry.

Kristen Langer’s love for hair caught on early on. She was 16 or 17 when she dared her first singing attempts. “From today’s perspective, I wouldn’t call it a poem,” said one Ulm resident, laughing. “You keep evolving.” Since then, Langer has written a lot, experimented a lot, published a few books, and is now organizing his first summer of Ulm poetry.

The poetry series that has now begun is part of the Summer of Literature organized by the Baden-Württemberg Foundation, which takes place in different cities with its own programme. in Ulm This year they completely devoted themselves to poetry. The project is entitled “Changeability – Poetry Without Borders”. “We want to encourage the audience to see the current crises as an opportunity to think about the fundamentals and have the courage to change for poetic viewing,” explains Langer. We, this is the association “Kunstwerk eV”, which is behind the series of events. In addition to the classic readings, performances, workshops, digital formats and smaller campaigns, aimed at making poems accessible to all, are also planned. Langer, for example, plans to print short lyric scripts on bakery bags as well—there will automatically then be a hairpin with the pretzels.

The string should be called “Words for the Future”.

In addition to the readings, there are publisher talks, dialogues between poets and literary critics, and discourses held with the audience. The organizers also want to initiate a controversial and critical examination and development of contemporary poetry.

Langer had the idea to create a summer poetry series in 2018. It was supposed to be called “Words for the Future”, but the cultural department in the city of Ulm refused funding at that time. The setback did not stop the poet. She planned more with the association “Werkstatt”, expanded the program – the concept of summer poetry was born. In addition to the Baden-Württemberg Foundation, the Ulm City Culture and Education Foundation and the LBBW Foundation now support these events.

Kristen Langer’s poems are a game between self and environment

Kristen Langer is not only an art director, she also reads her scripts as part of the series. “A Bird Calling with a Window Light” is the title of the last volume I published a few weeks ago by Kröner Verlag. In the poems in it, the author uses nature. Forests, meadows and bodies of water have always been sources of inspiration for her. For a long time, her texts have been about exploring the tension between reality and fiction, between reality and fiction. It tries to perceive and look at things—whether they are leaves, clouds, or stones—and establish a connection between itself and the object in question. Her poetry is also a game between self and environment.

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However, in the summer of poetry, the audience can also hear the texts of many other authors. It starts now on June 3. There is no entry fee for individual events. There are also non-traditional forms, such as “horse culture”. Langer will read the works of different poets from horseback at Münsterplatz Ulm. In Sommernachtslyrik am Fischerplätzle, poems set to music by a soprano accompanied by a pianist are shown.

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