Ukraine’s war in live broadcast: +++ 05:59 Ukraine coach allocates the victory of a play-off in the Armed Forces World Cup +++

Ukraine war live broadcast
+++ 05:59 Ukraine coach dedicates victory to the Armed Forces World Cup +++

National coach Oleksandr Petrakov dedicated Ukraine’s victory over Scotland in the World Cup semi-finals to soldiers on their soil: the 3-1 victory in Glasgow was “to the armed forces in the trenches and hospitals, which gave the last drops of blood to those who suffer every day in Ukraine”. The team surrounding Man City professional Oleksandr Zinchenko beat Scotland after a solid overall performance.

+++ 05:20 Melnyk: need more of these systems +++
The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Andrei Melnik, welcomed the delivery of the Iris-T air defense system promised by Chancellor Olaf Schultz. “We need more of these systems to defend cities and infrastructure,” says Melnyk of Funke Mediengruppe newspapers. But he warned against rushing: “The last shipment of German weapons arrived in Ukraine on May 3.”

+++ 04:08 Football legend Pele calls on Putin to end the Ukraine war +++
Brazilian football legend Pele has called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to end his army’s invasion of Ukraine. “Stop the invasion. There is absolutely no justification for this ongoing violence,” he wrote in an open letter to Putin on Instagram. “This conflict is evil and unjustified and brings nothing but pain, fear, terror and agony.” He adds, “Wars exist only to divide nations, and there is no ideology that justifies the missiles that bury children’s dreams, destroy families and kill innocents.” Pele remembers meeting Putin in the past and exchanging “a smile with a long handshake”. “The power to end this conflict is in your hands,” he wrote. “The same ones that shocked you in Moscow at our last meeting in 2017.” The reason for Pele’s speech was the international match of the Ukrainian men’s football team against Scotland.

+++ 03:00 Many Ukrainian refugees in Berlin must continue to receive care from social welfare offices +++
25,000 Ukrainian refugees in Berlin will still need the care of district social welfare offices after June 1. Engelbert Mazanck, head of the State’s Office of Immigration (LEA), says Tagesspiegel. Therefore, the State of Berlin must continue to pay for your care in accordance with the Asylum Seeker Benefits Act for the time being. They also receive less money than they are entitled to with a residence permit. The reason for this is Berlin’s special system for obtaining residence. If a fictional online certification is available from the LEA, refugees remain in the Asylum Seeker Benefits Act for the time being – until they receive a real residence permit. In order to receive benefits from the Job Center, refugees from Ukraine must have a residence permit.

+++ 01:58 Poland promises more help to neighboring Ukraine +++
During a visit by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to Kyiv, Poland pledged more aid to neighboring war-torn Ukraine. According to Polish press reports, “Polish companies will participate in the reconstruction.” “But Ukraine must be defended first and the Russian forces must be expelled from Ukraine,” he added. This is the task of the entire free world. The relationship between Poland and Ukraine, a member of the European Union and NATO, is historically complex. But in light of Russia’s aggressive war on Ukraine, the neighbors are standing close to each other. Poland has taken in millions of refugees and is helping to deliver large quantities of weapons.

+++ 01:02 Barbuk: “Ukraine must win” +++
It is clear that Secretary of State Annalina Barbuk is committed to the goal of Ukraine winning the war against Russia. ZDF Green politician Marcus Lanz was asked about Chancellor Olaf Schulz’s more cautious formulation that Russia should not win the war. “I say what the counselor says is true,” Barbock replies. “Of course, Russia should not win this war, but it is losing it strategically.” Russia is violating international law. “They want to destroy peace in Ukraine. That’s why under no circumstances should Ukraine lose – that is: Ukraine should win.”

+++ 00:18 Silinsky remembers the fate of children in war +++
At least 689 children were harmed during the nearly 100 days of Russia’s aggressive war in Ukraine, according to President Volodymyr Zelensky. He killed 243 children, Zelensky says in his video address. At least 446 children were injured and 139 children were missing. “And those are just the people we know.” There is no information of the areas occupied by Russian troops. “An immortal memory of those whose lives were taken by the Russian war against Ukraine,” Zelensky says. He referred to the many individual fates of the children killed by name.

+++ 23:34 Russian missile attack on western Ukraine +++
It is believed that several Russian missiles fell in western Ukraine in the evening. The head of the military administration in the Lviv region, Maxim Kositsky, said on Telegram that the attack was a target of the transport infrastructure in the Strij region. According to the first reports, two people were injured, and there was initially no information about the dead. At around 9 p.m. local time, air alerts were sounded across Ukraine over fears of Russian missile attacks. Two people were killed and two injured in a bombing in the southern city of Mykolaiv earlier in the day.

+++ 22:59 The UN Secretary-General sees “suicide dependency” in the world +++
According to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine exposed the world’s “suicidal dependence” on fossil fuels. At the same time, the war has distracted attention from the focus on combating the climate crisis, says Guterres before the start of the UN Environment Conference in Stockholm +50. “Obviously when we have a tragic situation of the scale of this war, unparalleled in any other conflict in recent decades, there is no escaping the distraction from other issues and the urgency of the discussion of the climate that has plagued the war in Ukraine, of course.” So Guterres again calls for an immediate end to the war and more commitment from the international community in combating the climate crisis.

+++ 22:42 The United States of America offers multiple missile launchers because of the promises made by Ukraine +++
The US government denies that new arms shipments to Ukraine could escalate conflict with Russia. “We do not seek to escalate the conflict,” said US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. “We are trying to end it — but in a way that defends the principles at stake and the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine.” However, it was important for the US government to obtain assurances from Ukraine that the US-made HIMARS multiple rocket launcher would not attack targets on Russian soil.

+++ 22:08 The Ukrainian army announced recaptures in the south +++
According to military reports, the Ukrainian army has recaptured 20 towns occupied by Russian forces in the south of the country. About half of the population fled from these villages located in the Cherson administrative district, says the head of the Ukrainian Regional Military Administration, Hennadiy Lahota. The offensive is carried out from the north from the Ukrainian region of Dnipropetrovsk, and Ukrainian forces are advancing south. The information cannot be independently verified. However, for several days there were reports of the Ukrainian army advancing in the south while at the same time having to evacuate positions in the east due to the superior Russian firepower. Cherson is the only Ukrainian regional capital that has been occupied by the Russian army so far.

+++ 21:45 Merkel calls the “deep tsarist war” in the history of Europe +++
In her first public address in nearly six months, former Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) described Russia’s attack on Ukraine as a “profound turning point”. As an off-duty counselor, she doesn’t want to make any assessments from the sidelines, she says. But the Russian invasion of its neighboring country constituted a flagrant violation of international law in the history of Europe after the end of World War II. “My solidarity with Ukraine, which was attacked and invaded by Russia, and to support their right to self-defense,” says Merkel. It supports all relevant efforts of the Federal Government, the European Union, the United States of America, NATO, the Group of Seven and the United Nations “to stop this brutal war of aggression on the part of Russia”.

+++ 21:24 Ukraine’s grain harvest falls by 40 percent, exports collapse +++
According to industry sources, the grain yield in Ukraine is likely to decline by 40 percent this season due to Russia’s aggressive war. This assessment was released by the Ukrainian Grain Union, which unites producers and exporters, for the current 2022/2023 season. Accordingly, grain exports should also collapse by 50 percent. In general, the industry expects to harvest 19.2 million tons of grain, in the previous season it was about 33 million tons. However, despite closed delivery routes, occupied areas and mined fields, the country will be supplied with grain and will also be able to export some of it. However, exports were halved to 10 tons. Ukraine and Russia are among the most important grain producers in the world. Exports from both countries have collapsed due to the fighting in Ukraine and Western sanctions against Russia.

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