Tone and tone: Ebersberg Cultural Weekend Program at Whitsun – Ebersberg

On Pentecost weekend, the area has a lot to offer culturally – from music to festive organ music. And two of the organizers want to do something good for the people of Ukraine with their concerts.

Sensuality in shape and color

Flowing combinations of colors in which one could lose oneself, gentle movements in marble: the sculptures and workpieces by sculptor and painter Ernst Horbelt made of marble, clay, plaster, stone or wood show the artist’s strong sense of the material and how he approaches it with great sensitivity approaching. In his images – whether in watercolor, ink, acrylic, or earth pigments – he plays greatly with light and shadow. The Munich artist evokes a particularly haunting atmosphere in the vastness of his landscapes. In the works of Ernst Horbelt, who grew up in Zischaupt, you can always feel his love for nature, in which he moves every day – preferably on his bicycle.

Sculpture “World Events” by Ernst Horbelt.

(photo: private)

How Ernst Horbelt implemented his view and ideals of “world events” can be seen through sculpture in his exhibition “Sensuality in Form and Color”. Here the sculptor and painter displays a selection of his works in the studio on the slope on Pentecost weekend The monastery building square in Ebersberg. The exhibition can be viewed from Friday 3 June. Exhibition rooms open from 5 pm, starting at 7 pm. Saturday through Monday, June 4-6, open from 3pm to 8pm.

Organ music on Pentecost

Organ vesper with organ music and Pentecost readings will take place on Saturday 4 June, from 7 pm. Evangelical Petrikirche in Baldham instead of. Matthias Gerstner plays Samuel Scheidt, Vincent Lubeck, and Dietrich Buxtehude on The New Member of Petrekirch. Submission is free.

permanent residence

Second Residency Financing Program in Metta Mossach Theatre It’s coming to an end – the theater invites you to the finish on Saturday, June 4th, at 7pm. It will feature “The Blue Feeling” by Antonio Guido, “Eco Camer Spell” by Nicole Klein, Chantal Maquet, Stephen Wake and Tapia Tangering, and “The Last Seraphim” with Marga Burchard (Emporio), Musel Mayer and Anna Urkulainen. Guests and friends are invited to the Meta Theater with free admission. The evening event will also be broadcast on the Meta Theater Youtube channel.

Chansons, blues and jazz

When Mira Cardoy picks up the guitar and begins to sing, she takes her listeners to another world: doors open and rooms open, immersing herself in her own acoustic world. One listener described it as a “small trip” to take with her. And this journey leads through the USA, England, Germany and above all to France, its native country, through space, time and species. What remains and what it carries is Mira’s unmistakable voice, with which she cycles between pop, chanson, blues and jazz, always authentic and poignant. Her choice of songs far from the mainstream reveals a lot about the singer herself, she searches and finds the essence of the tracks and allows her listeners to participate.

Mira Cardoy will be a guest on Saturday 4th June from 8pm at Herzog Bar Café in Zornding. Reservations are required at the booking address

Stand-up parties for Ukraine

About 100 refugees from Ukraine have found a temporary new home in Blinning. They will benefit from the proceeds of two concerts on Pentecost on Sunday 5 June. I played in it Landsham in the green village from 9:30 a.m.; Already at 11 am, Geltinger Musikkapelle and youth band are playing in front of Townhouse in Blinning. The two performers, Eduardo Peruzzi for the band and Kristen Westmeyer for the youth group, put together an attractive music programme. Concerts are canceled in case of rain.

Popular music for a noble cause

Do Good and Enjoy Real Folk Music: Housekeeper Seb Hooper is offering this opportunity on White Monday, June 6. Organized a folk music charity event to provide medical care to war-wounded children in Ukraine. It starts at 7 pm Saint Sebastian Parish Church in Ebersberg.

Culture in Ebersberg: Also part of the party: Weinberg Zithermosee with Christian Eisner, Sepp Huber Senior, Hubert Placer and Roman Messerer (from left).

Also part of the party: Weinberg Zithermusi with Christian Eisner, Sepp Huber Senior, Hubert Blaser and Roman Messerer (from left).

(photo: private)

She sings and plays: dir Ebersberger singing circle Under the supervision of Seb Kramer Munich Dirndl From Stockamühle, a family song with mother Petra and her two daughters Simon and Verena, brass quintet tin bag and the Weinberg Zithermusey. Sigi Götze, local and customs researcher as well as speaker on BR’s popular music programs, will speak during the evening. Home Nurse Seb Huber is responsible for program design and overall management.

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