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The second season of the European Football League is close to us. Here you can find out what football fans in Hesse still need to know about the new teams, ticket prices in Frankfurt and the power party.

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The European Football League (ELF) begins its second season on Sunday. The defending champion, Frankfurt Galaxy, wants to play an important role again. How good are the chances the final will be played and how much does a ticket to a home match at Bornheimer Hang cost? Everything you need to know about the start of the season can be found here.

Season starts Sunday at 3pm. The Frankfurt team will then return to the stadium at the Bornheimer Hang for the first time in 2022. In their first home game, the defending champions welcome the league’s newcomer from Dusseldorf: Rheinfire.

After eight teams competed for the title in the 2021 season, there are now twelve full teams. In addition to the Rhein Fire, the Vikings of Vienna and the Raiders of Tirol of Austria joined. With Istanbul Rams, there is now the first Turkish team there. As in the premiere season, Frankfurt Galaxy, Hamburg Sudevils, Cologne Centurions, Leipzig Kings, Berlin Thunder, Stuttgart Serge, Barcelona Dragons, Panthers Breslau are also at the start.

Instead of the southern and northern division, into which the league was divided last year, there are now three conferences. Galaxy should win the Central Conference against the new teams of Austria and Stuttgart Serge. Only the conference winners and the best runner-up from the three groups make it to the playoffs.

And this is where it gets tough for Men in Purple. With the Austrian teams from Innsbruck and Vienna, the Frankfurt team had strong contenders in the championship race within the group. And coach Thomas Cosling made the comparison with football, “with Innsbruck, Vienna Vikings, Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid reaching the league.” Last year’s finalists from Frankfurt and Hamburg completed the circuit of candidates. The Panthers Breslau is insider advice.

The tournament match is scheduled for September 25 in Klagenfurt. The top two teams in the league then compete for the title at the magnificent Wörthersee Stadium. Up to 30,000 fans can follow the match live here. Sightseeing tip: The famous Wörthersee is just three kilometers from the stadium.

The Galaxy plays in the home and away match against all three opponents in the conference and three teams from another conference. Means: The Hessians play against the Vienna Vikings, Raiders Tirol and Stuttgart Surge as well as against the Centurions in Cologne and Panthers Breslau and against the Rhein Fire of Düsseldorf. “On paper, this is the toughest schedule for any team,” said the Galaxy coach. “But we want that challenge.”

A maximum of 12,542 spectators can be seated at Bornheimer Stadium. In its premiere season, the Galaxy had an average attendance of 2,100 fans. Footballers also had to fight Corona regulations. The benchmark for season two: “We hope to break 5,000 to 6,000 viewers,” Kösling said. In the opening match, more than 6000 tickets and almost all seats were gone. On the north bend there are still room tickets standing.

Without a discount, the cheapest ticket for a parking room is at 15 euros. If you want to sit, you pay at least 25 euros. VIP tickets are available for €95 each.

No. At least not at the moment. Viewers decide for themselves what risks they want to take and which ones not. Galaxy recommends wearing a mouth and nose guard. However, there is no obligation to do so.

yes. The front yard party starts three hours before the match starts. In many booths and on stage, fans will be heated from 12 noon. The Power Party is open to the public this year. This means: even if you do not have a ticket for the game, you do not have to do without a lunch break.

There are two changes compared to the previous season. The league provided an illustrated guide for an entire season, which was only available in last year’s Finals. Each team can review up to two arbitration awards in each half. The new starting rule, based not on the NFL but on his little brother, XFL, should be extraordinary. With the exception of the kicking and returning player, all players face each other five yards away and may not move until the returning player catches the ball. This is to avoid high-speed collisions and injuries.

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