The West wants to save Ukraine. But which west?

In La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana of April 14, 2022, Riccardo Cascioli recalls some facts: “When we talk about the West, we mean the Christian civilization for which it was born, with all the values ​​attached to it: natural order, the value of man, the sanctity of life, self-hatred [des Westens] It is represented by the third world, environmental ideology, indigenous people, gender ideology and abortion. These are all the irrelevances promoted today by those who call themselves the West.”

Riccardo Cascioli endorses and strongly endorses an article by Stefano Fontana in La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana in mid-March. A true understanding of what the West is like seems essential to making serious judgment and engaging in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Cascioli writes: “Thus, according to Fontana, the West is” a civilization in which Christianity synthesized and purified Greek philosophy and Roman law. “And this has tangible consequences: first of all, the recognition of the existence of a creator God for whom the whole world is one creation, with man on his head, and man in turn is accountable to God, which means that there is a natural order that reflects God’s plan for man and constitutes the whole truth that we have to uphold, as well as around our social norms.This also means that every human has an intrinsic value, that life is sacred and inalienable, and that there are rights Naturalism precedes states and social societies and that states and social societies must guarantee them in this context, and this also justifies a linear view of history leaning towards the last day, the Day of Judgment, since man is always called upon to build the earthly Jerusalem after the celestial Jerusalem; hence the positive value To work (in other societies it is reserved for slaves, prisoners, and the lower classes), hence the idea of ​​development.

All this, according to Cascioli, has made Western civilization great over the centuries and within its cultural, economic and political dominance in the world. Not violence, tyranny and military force, as many claim. Riccardo Cascioli explains that traditional Western civilization is now facing the West’s self-loathing: “The rejection of Christianity and the denial of the roots of our civilization. As Fontana explained, this is a process that took centuries, but has undoubtedly matured in the past few decades, a reading of history in which all evil is the fruits of Western culture and civilisation. Christianity in particular. Today there are many cultural and political currents that express this feeling. The Third World for example cultivates the narrative that poor countries are poor because there are rich countries, so international development policy is seen as a compensation for past mistakes rather than as a poor developing countries.And that poverty is the result of internal factors such as religious beliefs, culture and corruption what should be clear;No, everything is the fault of the rich countries, i.e. the West.

The phenomenon of environmental protection, especially in the form of combating climate change, can also be explained as follows: It is the industrialized countries that pollute the climate and change it, and it is the poor who pay the consequences of that. Again, regardless of whether the reality looks completely different from a scientific and statistical point of view, the blame always falls on the West.

Indigenization, the almost mythical glorification of naturally happy indigenous peoples before the arrival of Western colonizers, is also an example of distorted views. It is forgotten that primitive cultures are only examples of respect for people and the environment. The phenomenon of abolition of culture with the destruction of statues, the burning of books, the suspension of teachers … is just the end result of these anti-Western ideological excesses.

Incidentally, with regard to ecology, it is interesting to note how Judeo-Christian culture is directly accused of being responsible for the so-called ecological crisis, since the focus on anthropocentrism has led to the destruction of nature. The denial of Christian Western civilization also has consequences in other areas: for example, the ideology of gender is the denial of the natural order that God created in creation and which is described in Genesis. So is the rejection of life – abortion and euthanasia – and the systematic destruction of the family as the basic cell of society.

Wenn es sich also solchermaßen um den exzessiven Selbsthass des Westens handelt, haben wir das Problem, dass besonders die politische und kulturelle Führung des Westens diesen Selbsthass vertritt und befördert: Esfall ist, keindurücken Zürba nächurnä derchenü Zchristu to have; US President Joe Biden has made the LGBT agenda a priority of his foreign policy after his Democratic predecessors similarly mandated birth control internationally. Additionally, under pressure from Western governments, UN organizations are promoting abortion, contraception, and the destruction of the family, the environment, Third World, and indigenous peoples. And we can continue like this indefinitely. In his article, Riccardo Cascioli states that the West’s self-hatred of denying its Christian roots is far from an abstract ideological gimmick. The undesirable development appears in a terrifyingly concrete way, especially in Ukraine.

On April 12, Agostino Nobile, a regular contributor to Marco Mediation’s Stilum Curiæ blog, wrote: “NATO defends the most corrupt country in Europe, ruled by mafia and immoral institutions. The honest part of Ukraine is helpless.” […] At least one of the nefarious aspects besides the mafia is certainly the so-called “baby industry” which is supported by the Ukrainian government and authorities. Found on the Internet the site “Global Center for Carriers of Mothers”. The look and feel of the site is professional and the offers are shameful:

The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is one of the advantages that attract the attention of couples looking for a surrogate mother. With a high level of quality service and support, you will have a much lower price to pay if you choose surrogacy in Ukraine.

The average cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is about $35,000. This is an estimate and is not dependent on the program or any specific agency.

To know the total cost, request a free consultation. A professional will tell you about the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine and choose the best program for you. Another great benefit [sic!] Among the costs of the Ukrainian alternatives is the possibility of paying installments. […] There is an option to pay the cost in four instalments.”

Agostino Nobile points out that with this approach to work, “there is no definitive verification of buyer sincerity.” A small percentage of miscreants are enough to make horror scenarios a reality. Whatever sick fantasies may be hatched with defenseless ‘puppies’, organ trafficking will be possible without controls.”

Nobile notes: “The BioTexCom Center for Human Reproduction in Kyiv, the world’s largest alternative rental clinic, does not stand still, even during the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. A video was shown on its website in which newborns are transported like goods.”

Are these the “values” that the sick West wants to impose on the entire world? Agostino Nobile wonders why Rome is silent about this horrific human trafficking when it must always and everywhere protect and promote the intellectual, moral, and spiritual treasures of the Christian West.

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