Ragazze – First solo exhibition of Silvia Argiolas in Austria

Vienna With the show by Italian artist Silvia Argiolas, the Austrian Golden Cross Society continues its series of exhibitions on outdoor art after a long drought caused by the epidemic. Following the works of Joseph Karl Radler, Tim ter Wahl, Anna Szymankova, Susan Tristers and Susan Dixon/Suzanne Kuzma/Ingrid Lechner, this time around the work of Italian Argiolas, also created during her time as an “artist in residence” will be exhibited in Vienna.

The Exhibition It runs from June 2 to November 2022. Business hours on Mondays from 10 am to 5 pm (excluding public holidays) and by appointment.


The work of Silvia Argiolas, who dreamed of becoming a poet as a child and her first means of expression were painting, often focuses on women and their entitled bodies. Whether it is blue hair, tight dresses, short skirts, lush frills, long eyelashes, over-fitting faces, high heels, or allusions to the red-light environment – the artist always wants to exaggerate gender social conventions and feminine stereotypes. Provocatively, she tries to provoke strong reactions in the viewer; To dismantle dogmas and ideologies.

“Silvia Argiolas says she dreams of a free world without prejudice, and that her art is fundamentally a medium of communication,” says Angela Steve, Albertina Modern Director accompanying the exhibition. And in doing so, they demolish patriarchal structures. Especially in her recent work, she theatrically represents female traits.” Masks and magazine clips look like stationary pieces of ironic disguise. Images of humans and animals mingle in strange hybrids.

In these images, everyday and media-driven stories seem combined with fantastic narratives to form a modern imagination. The picture-in-picture aesthetic, group paintings, depictions of landscapes and interiors, and highly intense storyboards that are difficult to decipher often demonstrate the artist’s interest in “exploring the margin and cultivating the imperfect”.

Visual novels – owed to Expressionism and Art Brut

Silvia Argiola’s multimedia work between reality and fiction is based in particular on the techniques of collecting, assembling and printing. They get an experimental character through the use of existing materials and sprays. Beginning with early drawings, and then later portraits and portraits, the artist develops a visual narrative indebted to Expressionism and Art Brut.

Several solo exhibitions in Milan, Rome, Modena and Cologne have already been dedicated to Silvia Argiolas. In Vienna it can be seen for the first time. What distinguishes the show, which can be viewed until November by appointment in the rooms of the Austrian Golden Cross Society: About a week before the opening, Silvia Argiolas lived in Vienna as an “artist-in-residence” and produced new works with the materials she found here.

Silvia Argiolas was born in Cagliari (Sardinia) in 1977 and lives and works in Milan.

Austrian Golden Cross Society as exhibition space

The Austrian Golden Cross Society regularly organizes exhibitions dealing with outdoor art. Recently, character figures by Joseph Karl Radler, Tim Ter Wahl, Anna Zimankova, Susan Trister and three art artists Susan Dixon, Susan Kozma and Ingrid Lechner have been featured.

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