Pure Culture: After All Crisis, Something Beautiful Again

The sun is setting over the tent city, the forest is gone which opens up new horizons and people are looking forward to a weekend at the festival.

With every meter he reaches Geller, the mood rises. The Geller Tower was last seen from Kronprinzeneiche decades ago and the Ginsberger Heide has also changed dramatically. Bark beetles and drought left visible traces – the forest disappeared.

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Perhaps it is the warm evening sun and its orange-red light falling between the tent roofs of the high swamp, the good air, and three years of drought without pure culture or all together – the mood is wonderful, with guests, artists and helpers. After all the crises that are not yet over, but that can also be forgotten for a while: this long weekend is a chance to experience something beautiful again.

Without 200 assistants – many of them new – Kultur Pur would be impossible

Sort of a fresh start after more than 30 years, says district official Andreas Muller at the reception ahead of the first purely cultural event in 36 months. Years of abstinence, but everything is as familiar as ever, but different at the same time. “Positively disappointed,” says broker Marco Federhein. Not only because of the forest. Many of the people who made Kultur Pur turned to new missions, they had to be found and retrained, and first the safe handles had to become safe again. “But the tent-theater city is still standing again,” Muller says, praising, not for the first time on this first evening, the nearly 200 assistants who transform pure culture into pure culture.

So does the audience. People flock to Geller again, although it’s kind of weird to be in a relatively small space with so many people. Draft chimney effect gives some safety in tents. It pulls a bit against Corona, just in case. As always, Andreas Muller is optimistic: “The weather is getting better and better” – one can convey the word: come to pure culture. The best route is by bus and bike.

Kultur Boer’s “grandparents” remember: When gastronomy was equal to boiled sausage

Traditionally, Kultur Pur is not opened without remembering the beginnings more or less. And this time they are back there again, the “grandparents” (Federhn) Hartmut Krems, Georg Klein and Wolfgang Suttner, along with today’s festival director Jens von Haydn, telling tales that everyone has somehow heard somewhere and which nonetheless belong to the opening rite. How the gastronomy consisted of sausages boiled the first time, the backdrop of a tent, and how naively they wanted to order special trains to Lützel, which no one could afford. How little effort was put into the Philharmonie at that time.

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George Klein, president of the organization for many years, remembers how he slept through the night before the premiere with a pillow and pen by the bed, just so he didn’t forget anything important, how everyone borrowed and begged for money, and how municipalities wheelchairs of any kind to Geller and built theater themselves. He pulled out his 40-year-old tape measure, with which he measures the right angles of the stage from which the many kinks will not disappear.

Wolfgang Suttner, festival director for many years, is still excited when he comes to Kultur Pur, “I can’t give it up.” On the one hand, I still want to be in the middle of this festival – but it doesn’t change much. “She is constantly improving.” He also mentions how an angry Bob Geldof asked him after the concert if he was the idiot who showed the “lousy pictures of Paul McCartney”. With that said, Kultur Pur can really get you started, but George Klein still has one wish: “that the Dirty Dirty War be over ASAP” and that there are still enough resources to be able to do the culture. Nothing to add, big applause. Then we move to the Big Tent Theatre.

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