Pokémon GO: Defeating Sierra in June 2022 – The Best Counter-Attack at a Glance

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The GO Rocket Boss Sierra team can really reach you in Pokémon GO. We’ll show you how to beat them in June 2022 and what the best counter-attacks are.

Update from April 4, 2022: A brand new event has been held since yesterday, focusing on the battles against Team GO Rocket. To celebrate, all the bullies and bosses on Team GO Rocket received new monsters. We’ve updated our guide below to keep it up to date and show you the best counterattacks in June 2022 to defeat Sierra in Pokémon GO.

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Pokémon GO: Defeat Sierra June 2022 – New GO Team Rocket Boss monsters

Update from 01/24/2022: January 2022 will bring the three Rocket bosses new Pokémon to use in battle. That is why we have modified the counters in detail for you in more detail in the article.

Update from December 1, 2021: December has arrived, but Pokemon Sierra has remained the same. You must continue to prove yourself against Nidoqueen and other Pokemon. You can find the best counters in our guide below. Good luck fighting Sierra!

Pokémon GO: Rocket Bosses are now attacking you with new monsters – that’s what’s behind

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Update from 09/11/2021: Sierra is now fighting a new Pokemon! Team Rocket boss uses a team of powerful Pokemon and challenges you. We’ve updated her team below, listing the new meter types.

First report from 07.07.2021: San Francisco – Sierra is one of the bosses of Rocket in Pokémon GO along with Cliff and Arlo. You can only find them and defeat them with a radar missile. However, the battle will not be easy, so you need a strong confrontation against Sierra. But how to win on Sierra? Here we show you the best counter-attacks, a strong squad, and other useful tips so you can defeat Sierra in Pokémon GO.

Pokemon GO: Defeat Sierra June 2022 – How to get Rocket Radar

How do you find Sierra? You can only find Sierra using Rocket Radar in Pokémon GO. This radar is obtained by defeating six Grunts missile. Each victory gives you one component of a bully and with six components you can assemble a radar. Alternatively, you can also purchase Rocket Radar from the in-game store.

After you get Rocket Radar, you can use it on the right side of the screen and search for Sierra and two other Rocket bosses. Run to the PokéStop where Sierra appears and challenge her to fight there. But you can also meet the Sierra by chance if you have activated the radar. Just pass through PokéStops and with a bit of luck you’ll find Rocket Boss there. Sometimes the Sierra also sits in the socket balloon, if you activate the radar.

Pokemon GO: Defeat and Find Sierra – Best Counterattack of June 2022

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Pokemon GO: Defeating Sierra June 2022 – This is their current team

These Pokémon are using Sierra: Sierra fights with three Pokémon in Pokémon GO. However, I brought this team together from seven different monsters. Sierra always sends Traumato as the first Pokemon in battle, after which the selection is random. In June 2022, the Rocket Boss uses the following monsters:

first pokemon second pokemon third pokemon
shock Blair dgmon
labra Tengulist
todo nidoquin

For an effective battle, you should ideally form a team, which is effective against all the Pokémon listed here. However, this is not so easy, so you need the best counters against every monster. Here we list all the counters against individual monsters for you and help you choose a team to defeat Sierra.

Pokémon GO: Defeat Sierra June 2022 – Best Showdown Against Traumato

Pokémon GO: Defeating Sierra in June 2022 – Best Showdown Against Traumato

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How to defeat pokemon: Traumato is a Psychic type Pokemon, so it is vulnerable to Dark and Ghost type attacks. So here are the best matches against Traumato in June 2022:

  • Mega Gyarados with Bite and Dragon Pulse
  • Giratina with Dark Claw and Dragon’s Claw
  • Biting and back

The fight against shocks must be fast. Try to attract Sierra’s shields using at least one charge attack. With a powerful Unlicht Striker or Geist, you are well prepared against the Traumato.

Pokémon GO: Defeat Sierra June 2022 – Best Match Against Lohgock

Pokémon GO: Defeating Sierra in June 2022 – Best Rivals Against Lohgock

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How to defeat pokemon: As a second Pokémon, Sierra can use fire and combat Pokémon Lohgock in Pokémon GO in June 2022. You must quickly kill Pokémon with water, psychic attackers, and fly.

  • Mega Slowmus with confusion and psychomotorتحرك
  • Mega Charizard Y with flap wing and dragon claw
  • Victini Confused and Generator of V.
  • Ho-Oh with standby power and earthquake

There are many good counters against Blarney, and our picks are only a small portion of the Pokémon you can use against Monster of Sierra in June 2022. So Lohgock shouldn’t be an issue.

Pokémon GO: Defeat Sierra June 2022 – Best Strikes Against Lapras

Lapras in Pokemon Go.

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How to defeat pokemon: Lapras is the water and ice type. Therefore it is susceptible to electric, grassy, ​​combative and rocky species. So you have a lot of options here too. We show you the best Pokemon to defeat Sierra:

  • Lucario counter attacks and boosts
  • Zekrom with charging beam and power boost
  • Machamp counter and cross attack

It’s best to use Fighting and Electric Pokémon here. Lapras counteracts his correct attacks, especially the plant Pokemon, without any problems. Lucario, Machamp and Meistagrif should be enough for the Abras. Alternatively, Zekrom or Raikou are also working to defeat Sierra.

Pokemon Go: Defeating Sierra June 2022 – Best Match Against Raging Tweedo

Tohaido in Pokemon GO.

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How to defeat pokemon: Sharpedo is the water and dark type and is typical of Team Rocket Pokémon. Plant, electric, beetle, fairy, or fight Pokemon are particularly effective. You must use the following monsters to defeat Sierra:

  • Folipurba with Shaving Sheet and Shelter
  • Toggis with magic and back
  • Zarod with Vine Slash and Energy Ball

In Tohaido you can count on a variety of attackers. Vegetarian attackers like Folipurba and Zarude finish off their Water-type Pokémon. However, as the battle progresses, fantasy attackers and combat might help you. In order to defeat Sierra, you may need to kill many dark monsters.

Pokemon Go: Defeating Sierra June 2022 – Best Counters Against Dogmon

Dogmon in Pokemon GO.

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How to defeat pokemon: Houndoom is a Fire and Dark type Pokemon. So you have to use water, earth, combat and rock types. The best counters are:

  • Kyojri with Cascade and Browser
  • Master the attack with a counterattack and a powerful punch
  • Rhyperior with catapult and rock launcher

Here you can use almost all effective types equally. Kyogre is a water attacker, Meistagrif is a powerful fighting type, and you can use Rhyperior as a rock pokemon. But the other Pokemon are worth it, too. These include Tyranitar, Terrakion, Sumpex or Lucario. Basically, you can experiment a lot with the genres found here.

Pokémon GO: Defeat Sierra June 2022 – Top Tengulist Trials

Tengulist in Pokémon GO

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How to defeat pokemon: Tengulist is vegetarian and dark type. So, Fire, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ice, and Fairy-type Pokemon work together. If you use bug-type attacks, Tengulist has a double vulnerability. So use these monsters to defeat Sierre:

  • Scissors with Rageblade and Cross Scissors
  • Gene with Rageblade and Cross Scissors
  • Honweisel jitter blade and cross scissors

At best, you can take full advantage of the double vulnerability against the Beetle Pokémon. Alternatively, fantasy attackers such as Togekiss or Feelinara are also good options. Of course, you can also use pokemon with fire or flight.

Pokémon GO: Defeat Sierra June 2022 – Best Match Against Nidoqueen

Pokémon GO: Defeating Sierra in June 2022 – Best Rivalry Against Nidoqueen

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How to defeat pokemon: Known to fans since the first generation, Nidoqueen has poison and earth types. This makes it vulnerable to both water and terrestrial attacks. These are the best competitions in June 2022 to defeat Sierra:

  • Stalobor with mud shot and percussion drill
  • Rihornior with Mud Clip and Surf
  • Huge gargoyles with the same fire and wet tail
  • Sumpex with Clay Shot and Aqua Howitzer

Here you must rely on the pecking order of land and water. With Sumpex you will have a monster that combines both types. Ice attackers are also useful and are a good way to defeat Nidoqueen.

Pokémon GO: Beat Sierra June 2022 – Team Best Against Sierra

What you need to know about team building: It’s hard to find a perfect team to fight against Sierra in June 2022. Team GO Rocket Boss has a lot of different monsters that you can rarely defeat directly in the first battle. So it is advisable to first find out which Pokemon Sierra is using and then plan your squad accordingly on the second try.

pokemon 1 Pokemon 2 Pokemon 3
Mega Gyarados with a bite and a wet tail Zekrom with charging beam and power boost Lucario counter attacks and boosts

You can use this panel as: To defeat Traumato, you can use Bite Mega Gyarados. After that, you can also use Mega Gyarados on Blahjack and Houndemon, as they are both Fire type. For Lapras and Tohaido, you can switch to Zekrom. Finally, you can use Lucario for both Tengulist and Hundemon. For Nidoqueen, you can go back to Mega Gyarados.

Pokémon GO: Defeat Sierra June 2022 – Tips and Tricks for Fighting

Note these tips: Defeating the Sierra requires not only powerful counters, but also some tips that will make the battle against Rocket Boss easier. Here are some tricks to help you defeat the Sierra faster:

  • Sierra always uses her shields right after the first two charged attacks, and that’s exactly what you can take advantage of. Use Fast Charged Attacks early on to draw Sierra’s armor, then use larger Charged Attacks later in battle.
  • If you challenge Sierra at the PokéStop and lose, you can save the Rocket Boss team. You can use Rocket Radar again on the same PokéStop and Sierra will then fight with the same team – this way you can better coordinate your team.
  • You don’t always have to activate charging attacks directly. When the opposing Pokemon is almost about to be defeated, your quick attacks are worth it and you can push the Charged Attack to the next monster. You can also charge up to three charged attacks in a row without having to use them.
  • If Sierra is going to swap out her Pokémon, you can do some damage without getting attacked yourself. Just keep tapping your screen and use instant attacks. Shortly before you replace a new monster, you can use it to attach some instant attacks.

Do you also want to kill other bosses in Pokémon GO? We tell you how you can defeat Cliff and defeat Arlo. You also need powerful counters for this. The last boss is then the head of the rocket team. Defeating Giovanni is the supreme discipline in Pokémon GO and usually only works once a month.

Rules list image: © Niantic (montage)

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