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Does Hamburg need a new opera house? A heated debate erupted over this proposal by billionaire Klaus Michael Kohn. This is not a good idea, says Daniel Kaiser, editor of NDR 90.3.

by Daniel Kaiser

Klaus-Michael Kuhn describes the Hamburg opera house as modest and has a poor sound. He wants to fulfill Hamburg’s general music director Kent Nagano’s wish for a new “cultural centre”, but he wants to demolish the existing state opera and then implement his real estate project there. This is not a good idea, Daniel Kaiser commented.

Hamburg Opera: a gem of post-war modernity with good acoustics

“It is true that the Hamburg Senate rejected the proposal for a new opera house,” says Daniel Kaiser, editor of NDR Hamburg 90.3.

Hamburg already has an opera house. And it’s really not bad: a gem of post-war modernity in the middle of the city. The acoustics are also very good.

Of course one could build differently today – bare-bones and bigger – but the bad talk and the sound of this house and alarmingly shouting “asbestos” is irresponsible and scandalous. It actually just goes to show that Klaus Michael Kuhn may be an expert in logistics, but he’s really not an expert in acoustics.

Kühne’s new opera will not be a gift, it will be a work

But the most important thing: Kühne’s new opera will not be a gift, but a business. True, the Hamburg Senate rejected this proposal.

It’s already clear that Kent Nagano’s passion for art form – electrified by the influence of the Elbphilharmonie – promises a quantum leap for opera with a new home.

Disappointing: Kent Nagano doesn’t have many feelings about life in Hamburg

However, using a multi-faceted concert hall is much easier than using an opera. And the fact that the Hamburg opera house has not yet been able to benefit greatly from the new enthusiasm of classical music thanks to the Elbphilharmonie is not really due to the building.

Nagano asserts his interest in the history of Hamburg’s music on many occasions and traces the tradition to the concert series. It is disappointing that after seven years in Hamburg he has developed so little sense of life in this city and his sensibilities.

“Free and Destroyed Hamburg” with money to build new buildings

For more than 100 years, Hamburg has been heavily accused Separate from the construction date at the first opportunity. Hamburg merchants have always been rocking the wrecking ball when there is enough money for something new. Even with Kony’s suggestion, the old adage of “the free and devastated city of Hamburg” resonates.

Building the new Opera is at the bottom of the priority list

But new isn’t always better. The challenge is to showcase exciting music and horrific productions at the venues. With all that is important and desirable in the culture, the new opera building is really very low on the priority list.

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