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Dr. Franz Troger (right) in conversation with Mayor Thomas Keschel on the sidelines of the Classix press conference in 2018. © Photo archive: Troger

Compton – On Monday, May 30th, Dr. Franz Troger has passed away at the age of 86 after a long and full life.

“He was born in Kempten in the 1936 Olympic class, and went through war as a child, including a bomb explosion in his parents’ house and a shop on Bahnhofstrasse. There (in Illerkauf today) the family had a hardware store, housewares and gadgets, as well as heavy iron, From structural steel to manhole covers.In the post-war years, high school followed into the “green box.” The turning point that shaped life was the unexpected death of a beloved and admired father in a car accident in 1950. From him he earned his love for mountains, mountaineering and climbing. Mountains He often and happily pursued this love through countless “mountain treks.”

As is often the case with fathers who died early, Franz (the third, grandfather and father already Franz) was supposed to take his father’s place in the family and work, although his interests, inclinations and talents differed. Thus came the study of mechanical engineering, to be able later to manage the Department of Machinery and Tools, and Economics, where he obtained his doctorate from the University of Innsbruck. Wedding, children – she could have followed a completely normal life.

This world was too narrow for him, his curiosity, ambition, and perhaps his abilities wanted more. So there was a trip into politics, as a city councilman at CSU in Kempten, as well as traveling around the world. However, on very unusual trips: in the early 1960s, Franz bought a used Bedford truck from the British Army in Germany. I rearranged this for travel purposes (there were no motorhomes yet) and traveled with a friend from Kempten to Kabul/Afghanistan, sometimes on adventurous roads, and later to Kathmandu/Nepal.

In Kabul, he met Afghan King Zahir Shah at the local Rotary Club. Today’s readers should be reminded that the ’60s still got along without iPhones or the like, so Franz was unreachable for weeks. He promised to inform the German embassies of the route so that a letter could be sent to him if necessary.

Even his hardware store world was too narrow for him. Franz began to export cement mixers from Germany to countries in need of development, first to Greece, and then to Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. Then drive to Athens, Istanbul or Izmir to negotiate with clients there in English or French.

At his home in Compton, he found another pillar that best suited his inclinations: culture, especially music. Seeing that his hometown was musically disadvantaged and there was no improvement in his eyesight, he quickly established his own concert chain to compete with the events of the theater community, which did so on behalf of the city. After a number of arguments, both series were incorporated into Franz’s musical programming. This remained the case until his death, and most recently Franz was in charge of TiK’s “Master Concerts” series.

The demolition of “Tröger-Haus” in 1970 also meant a major turning point in his life, as a new commercial building was to be built. This day became “Illerkauf”. But the old house, which was originally the restaurant and brewery “Sonnenkeller”, with the “Ironmen” has disappeared and with it the company Troger with its retail business vanished from the city skyline. At the Ostbahnhof, they were still present with wholesalers of plumbing and structural steel. This area was also later sold and abandoned.

Meanwhile, Franz developed other activities: in Greece he dug up talc and soapstone in order to deliver it to the cosmetics industry. Intense competition meant this was not a success.

Finally, the constant over-exploitation of his health inflicted on him and led to a significant reduction in his activities. For many clients, Franz has taken over the management and support of their properties in Compton. This gave him a living as well as the freedom to dedicate himself to his ‘own’ music. This resulted in the “Fürstensaal-Classix” festival, which has been held for many years with the help of many friends and will continue.

These are all just a few examples from the life of Franz Troger. He helped shape and shape Kimten at times, and made a lot of people happy, especially through his musical activities. Of course, this would not have been possible without a large number of financial and other helpers. He was also often very stressful, stubborn, know-it-all, and sometimes failed. The evaluation of this is up to you and will vary somewhat depending on your knowledge and connection.

Whatever it is: Kempten lacks a great and important personality.”

Leopold Troger

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