‘News Less and Less’: Kremlin Bans 100-Day Budgets

The Russians are tired of war. “We need to talk not only about life in the new reality, but also about our conversation topics. After all, our nerves are not made of iron, we cannot constantly discuss news from Ukraine. In addition, there is less and less news,” said columnist Anastasia Mironova. In an article for the pro-Kremlin Gazeta newspaper “Who is there.” She thus expects the latest directive from the Kremlin: No reports for 100 days of war!

“That’s it, it won’t make any difference”

For Ukrainians, life “after the conflict” will never be the same, said the surprisingly harsh commentator, while for Russians, daily life “has not changed much”: “Well, we’ll get news from there for another month or two, then We go back to our previous jobs.” Life slowly subsided everywhere, excitement subsided, and those easily manipulated “come to their senses”: “That’s it, there will be no difference in life before February.”

Of course, official Moscow sees it that way as well. The portal critical of the Kremlin, citing several sources, reported that “requests” came from there to the especially popular media not to commemorate the centenary of the war of aggression with interim reports under any circumstances. Specifically, the Presidential Administration suggested “not stressing” the topic and “not directing the attention of readers and viewers to the duration of the war.”

“When it comes to rounding numbers, questions always come up”

Obviously the message got through, however, only a few Russian media still count the days on their Internet pages and now have reached 99: “Popular pro-government newspapers Komsomolskaya Pravda and Moskovsky Komsomolets show only the current date. State online TASS news agency does That no information was provided about the duration of the invasion. It was also not mentioned in the press releases on Channel One and Russia 1, as well as in the main pages of RIA Novosti and the RT Russian language version. ”

A source in the Kremlin was quoted as saying that focusing on “data related to the war” can help the Russians “to think about the goals of the invasion and its success: When you talk about a round number, you keep asking yourself: What has been achieved? By this date? It has been It is so since Soviet times, when there were five-year plans, he planned everything. It turns out that by this date there is almost nothing to show. We can say that some settlements were taken, but their names mean nothing to the people. Are they many or few? Are goals ” Operation “close or not yet?”

“People don’t understand these words.”

According to a recent poll conducted at the end of May, about forty percent of Russians were said to be “war-weary”. They do not understand these words, but see that “the fighting has been going on for a long time. Before the” operation “they were told that Ukraine was a weak country. But now it turns out that it is impossible to defeat it quickly.”

“Such operations cannot have a clearly defined timeline,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, similar to Nikolai Patrushev, the influential Secretary of the Security Council. He recently confirmed that the actors never thought about the duration of the war, but rather focused on victory. On TV, according to “Medusa”, it is noticeable that the promoters often say now that Russia is now wrestling with the entire NATO: with Ukraine alone, then people will understand that there is no need to wait for an early victory. ”

Indeed, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed himself in a similar way, speaking of a “totally mixed war”. The Russian military no longer wants to rule out a “five or ten years” war. In this way, 100 days is not really worth mentioning.

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