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Heidelberg – Transport giant RNV has set new routes and travel times in Heidelberg from June 3, 2022. Which buses and trams will be affected:

A lot happens on public transport in Heidelberg! From Friday (3 June), parts of the Heidelberg rail and bus network of Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH (rnv) will be permanently reorganized and connected, with rnv train lines 23 and 26 alternating tracks between Bismarckplatz and Handschuhsheim Burgstraße.

city Heidelberg (Baden – Württemberg)
Population 158,741 (December 31, 2020)
Surface 108.8 km²
the top mayor Mr. Dr. Eckart Forzner (independent)

Heidelberg: changes to train lines 23 and 26 later

According to rnv, customers on this scale benefit from larger vehicle capacities, clearer turns and generally better connectivity to the two main inner-city axes Kurfürsten Anlage and Bergheimer Straße in the direction of Neuenheim and Handschuhsheim. There are also changes to bus lines 29 and 39a.

Changes to rnv railroad tracks 23 and 26 will only be made when operations begin on Monday (June 13) due to track construction work on the Tudor Hues Bridge taking place from Thursday (June 2) from 6pm. End of operations on Sunday (12 June) in effect. In addition, a separate concept of diversion and alternate passage is being implemented during the course construction work on the Tudor Hues Bridge.

Tram in Heidelberg. (avatar) © HEIDELBERG24

On the other hand, travel times for lines 23, 26, 29 and 39A will be slightly adjusted from Friday (June 3).

Heidelberg public transport: changes to line 22

Longer vehicles are used on the RNV 22 railway in order to be able to provide more space and therefore more comfort in times of high demand. This will also make the line suitable for structural development in Bahnstadt. The line’s route and departure times remain unchanged.

Heidelberg public transport: changes to line 23

In the future, the rnv 23 line will run between Leimen Friedhof and Bismarckplatz. The evening course of 20 minutes along with the rnv train line 24 offers a better distributed total, and the departure times of the rnv train line 23 are adjusted in the minute range.

In the direction of Neuenheim there are good connections with rnv train lines 5 and 26 at Bismarckplatz. From Rohrbach and Südstadt the rnv train line 24 still offers unchanged direct travel options to the main station, Technology Park and Hans Thoma Platz and from Glovesheim Burgstrasse.

Heidelberg public transport: changes to line 24

Single flights to and from Leimen Friedhof formerly introduced as rnv 24 on Sundays and public holidays will be replaced by a 20-minute cycle on rnv 23.

Heidelberg public transport: changes to line 26

Line rnv 26, coming from Kirchheim and Bahnstadt, will be extended beyond Bismarckplatz to serve stations at Brückenstraße, Kußmaulstraße, Blumenthalstraße, Kapellenweg, Hans-Thoma-Platz and Biethsstraße to Handschuhsheim Burgstraße.

This will create a new direct connection from the district of Bahnstadt and Bergheimer Straße to the famous adult education center / Campus Bergheim and Neuenheim. Departure times sometimes change by several minutes along the entire route.

Heidelberg public transport: changes to route 29

Bus line rnv 29 will in the future serve the section between Boxbergring and Bismarckplatz via Rohrbach Süd. From September 2022, bus line 29 will also open the Mark Twain Village area.

There are other direct travel options between Boxberg, Bismarckplatz and Technology Park / Neuenheimer Feld with the new and extended rnv bus line 39A.

Heidelberg public transport: changes to line 39 A

Bus line rnv 39A, which operates at peak times, connects the Emmertsgrund/Mombertplatz/Boxberg district via Alois-Link-Platz and Bismarckplatz with the Technology Park and will also serve in the future Brückenstraße, Lutherstraße, Mönchhofschule, Wielandtstraße and Bunsengymnasium at Neuhausen stations.

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With the extended line, the science sites at Königstuhl and Neuenheimer Feld are directly connected to each other for the first time. (m/pic)

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