Marcus Lanz: Barbock is illustrated in the Ukraine war

Annalena Baerbock made a clear commitment to Ukraine’s victory over “Lanz” – and defended the previous position of the federal government.

“Ukraine must win,” German Foreign Minister Annallina Barbock said, on Wednesday evening, in front of “Marcus Lanz.” The broker had to push her a little. However, Barbock eventually removed the ambiguity that Chancellor Olaf Schultz (SPD) had recently faced sharp criticism. I did it on the same day thatturning point“Maybe they are more tangible than ever. Because Schulz had promised Ukraine in the morning to deliver the ‘latest anti-aircraft systems’ and multiple rocket launchers. Has German politics now woken up?”

Even the Ukrainian ambassador, known to be disappointed by Germany Andrei Melnik They welcomed the handover of new weapons to this editorial office. Meanwhile, he noted the pressures of time: “The last shipment of German weapons arrived in Ukraine on May 3.” But German chief diplomat Bierbock justified the controversial delay in the heavy weapons of war during the ring exchange with NATO allies and appealed to the population for patience. “The picture that is being painted that Germany is doing nothing is completely wrong,” Barbuk said in response to criticism from Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

“Marcus Lanz” – these are the guests:

  • Annalena BarbukForeign Minister (the Greens)
  • Carsten Linmannchair of the CDU’s Policy Committee
  • Anya Mayerjournalist
  • Christopher JessenSpiegel editor
  • Ulf RollerZDF Asia Expert

Baerbock on ‘Markus Lanz’: ‘You have to keep your cool’

The fact that heavy equipment made in Germany is of little use to Ukrainians can be seen from the equipment delivered Self-propelled howitzer, which required 40 days of vocational training. Therefore, the provision of Soviet tanks is the highest priority – according to the Ukrainians, too. “It’s heartbreaking, but you have to keep your cool.”

Birbock also spoke plain language in other respects. She also described the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, through which Germany wanted to import more cheap fuel from Russia before the Ukraine war broke out, as an “instrument of absolute power”. I prepped the audience for the fact that the belts must continue to tighten. Barbock says that military support for Ukraine is part, “humanitarian aid, food, medicine, water, the other big area — and that costs a lot of money.”

Lanz: Police documents show China’s brutality against Uyghurs

Russia’s war in Ukraine, which has lasted 99 days so far, was not the only topic in ZDF’s talk. So-called Xinjiang police files from China have been rocking the West for a week. For the first time, leaked police documents show the extent and brutality of the Chinese government against the Uyghur ethnic group. Guests at “Marcus Lanz” discussed the extent to which economic relations between Germany and China are threatened.

ZDF’s China correspondent, Ulf Roller, spoke of the “systematic eradication of a culture” in the face of horrific images of imprisoned Uyghurs. Take China out of Beijing Correspondents’ Office Governor Xi Jinping Personally responsible: “This president cannot absolve himself of genocide.” Several leaked photos intended for internal use by the camp administration document the mistreatment and torture of Uyghur inmates. Spiegel editor Christoph Jessen, who is part of the research team, described the data packet as “firearms” and China as a “police state on doping.”

China’s Uyghur policy on Lanz: How is the German economy doing?

According to United Nations estimates, there are about a million innocent people in the so-called “re-education campsMarkus Lanz commented: “Behind the bars – and in the middle of it all are factories from German companies like Volkswagen and BASF.” And these are not important factories, some cars were tied together.” Volkswagen Group owns the plant in Xinjiang, “explained Jessen. The Wolfsburg Automobile Plant took the “completely unprofitable and useless plant” and in return got 32 very attractive production facilities.

Ukraine crisis – all news about the conflict

Lanz: CDU Lenemann’s deputy warns Germany against changing course toward China

Politician Carsten Lenemann spoke of the leaks as “absolute barbarism” and urged a change of course in German and Western politics. We have to have sex with her now equal partner Deputy Frederick Merz demanded to act on an equal footing with China.”Accreditation From China it is a thousand times worse “than Russia.

China, “which we still treat as a developing country,” is particularly well positioned in future markets. Lineman called on the West to unite in competition with the system. Journalist Anja Meyer wanted to know, “What can politics do? It’s not just an emotional moment?” Lineman praised here explicitly Economy Minister Habek To suspend warranties for four new factories in China.

Ukraine War – Background and Interpretations of the Conflict

Marcus Lanz – This is how previous programs were run

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