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Klaus Makela is probably the most sought-after conductor of his generation. The 26-year-old is touring Europe with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and has made an exciting guest appearance at the Elbphilharmonie.

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by Marcus Stabler

Will he be the new conductor of the Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam in the future? Or will he join the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, replacing Riccardo Moti? Anything seems possible with Klaus Makela, the Finn with the cosmopolitan chic of a chic look.

Celebrated by Klaus Makela for Sibelius Symphony

The only 26-year-old Finn is currently the most sought-after leader of the new generation. He is currently on tour in Europe with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and is celebrated for performing all seven of Sibelius’ symphonies. After his stops in Paris and Vienna, he was now also a guest on Three Evenings in Hamburg at the Elbphilharmonie.

Cosmopolitan elegance for a dude at Elbphilharmonie

The way he steps up on stage is casual and purposeful – marked by something of the universal chic of the elegant man: the black suit with his bow tie, the loose hair. Everything fits perfectly. A touch of Scandinavian coolness blows through the room. But that ends when he lifts the stick.

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Screen capture: conductor Klaus McKella in conversation with Amanda Kleinbart.  © NDR

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26-year-old Klaus Makela is considered one of the “rising stars” of the classical music scene. In an interview with Amanda Kleinbart, the conductor reveals the challenge that the distance rule specifically poses to his fellow countrymen. 2 minutes

Klaus Makela conveys an almost glowing intensity and highest concentration, and it’s entirely in the music. He runs the angular rhythms at the beginning of Sibelius’ First Symphony with powerful angular movements, stiffening his shoulders like a robot. After a few bars a completely different picture: when he rocks back and forth on the catwalk, indicating a dance-like momentum.

“The most important thing in management is presence.”

Body language is an important tool for every conductor, as in addition to beating the beat, it conveys the character of music. With Klaus Makela, this seems especially normal. “The most important thing in making a conduction is not your hands or your arms, it is the habit of being there,” says the young conductor.

Owned by Klaus Makela. It’s fun to watch the man in his twenties swing his baton in preparation for the climax. Or how he makes only very small movements with his bare hands during the soft singing of the woodwinds in the Third Symphony. This looks great and looks good too. But of course Makila leads not for the exhibition, but for the excellent Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra: “An orchestra full of fire”

“It’s an orchestra always playing with full fire. I think that’s cool. I never have to say: Come on, people, give more. It’s about channeling that energy. You have to be careful not to burn the candle too soon,” says Makela excitedly.

It’s impressive the maturity and seeing of Klaus Makela’s doses of this fire and maintaining tension for three evenings. He is a charismatic, confident boss who is in control of everything. Sometimes he sits back and gives some bets with his right hand. Then suddenly flipping it over again, his upper body tilted forward as if ready to leap, pumping bursts of energy into the orchestra with both hands.

Klaus Makela and his Supreme Orchestra from Oslo turn the encounter with Jean Sibelius’ Symphonies – still criminally neglected in Germany – into an event. Exciting guest performance.

Solomon’s smile when asked about the near future

No wonder this exceptional young talent is so highly regarded. Of course, he knows rumors about possible connections to the Concert Gepau orchestra or the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. his comment? Of course he feels very proud when people say and write it, says the lovable conductor with a salomon smile. Clear denial looks different.

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Klaus Makela performs at the Elbphilharmonie.  © Daniel Dettos Photo: Daniel Dettos

The Amsterdam Concertgebouw was a guest on the Elbphilharmonie, led by conductor Klaus McKella. more

Klaus Makela and NDR Radio Philharmonic © NDR

4 minutes

It impresses with supreme mastery and grand expression: the only Finnish maestro, 22-year-old Klaus Makela, conducts Shostakovich’s 10th Symphony with the NDR Philharmonic. 4 minutes

Screen capture: conductor Klaus Makela conducts.  © NDR Photo: screenshot

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Party taping from June 5, 2020: Shooting star Klaus McKella is making his debut with the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra. 31 minutes

Screenshot: violinist Pekka Kuusisto making his debut with the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra (June 5, 2020) © NDR Photo: Screenshot

25 minutes

Klaus Makela and Becca Kosisto made their debut with the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra in June 2020 with Lindberg’s Violin Concerto. 25 minutes

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