Kids can blow off steam until the end of school

Oo. School sports were one of the areas most affected by the restrictions during the difficult stages of Corona. That’s why the federal government declared June the month of the big school movement. The wide range of performances in Upper Austria means a particularly sporting final race in schools.

Corona has shown how important exercise is in schools. It is important to convey fun in exercise and for health and also because sports and education belong to each other. Exercising in particular at a young age is the first step towards an active, health-conscious life, says Education and Health Minister Deputy Kristen Haberlander (ÖVP) on Focusing Before the Summer Break.

Director of Education Alfred Klampfer adds: “Sports not only perform the function of movement, but are also an important outlet for team spirit. That is why we take a close look at it and focus on it very particularly. The ‘get off the couch, get off’ approach is the approach.”

When planning the program in Upper Austria during the exercise month, the focus was on diversity, and there should be something for everyone, explains Specialist Exercise and Sports Inspector and Lead Organizer, Friedrich Scherer. “School sports are back to life again, and we are using it to the fullest. Perhaps we are laying the foundation for lifelong sports in schools.”

In Upper Austria until July 8

The month of movement is extended in Upper Austria, as the school year in this country lasts until July 8. Haberlander adds: “We have intentionally designed the show on a larger scale, with a variety of projects and measures in which schools can participate. Enthusiasm must be encouraged. It is not about the best performance for us, but above all about the interaction in the group.”

Comprehensive Sports Day on June 23

The breadth of the show is displayed, for example, on an all-encompassing sports day – an “important sign of togetherness,” Haberlander, Klampfer and Spreer all agree. In cooperation with the Austrian Supreme Handicap Sports Federation, this will take place on 23 June at Volkshaus Pichling. In addition to the practical stations, blind ball games to try or table tennis, there is also a training course to master with a wheelchair. “Students will gain life experience here,” Haberlander said of this sports festival for all. It is important for Klampfer to raise awareness of disabled sports and show what is possible.

school on the ball

We’ve worked with the FA in Upper Austria for years, and the “School on the Ball” project kills two birds with one stone: the fun of training and an opportunity for clubs in the communities to motivate young players.

The “School on the Ball” project consists of three parts: workshops for teachers, holding “Ball Game” experience modules and the Elementary School Cup. All schools are invited to participate. Mixed teams play. “It is always a pleasure to watch the little ones play these games,” Klampfer says.

The Primary School Cup begins on June 2 in Reichenau im Mühlkreis. The final will take place on July 6 at Red M Increment.

Trend sports are becoming more and more popular

In June, the month of physical activity, one also wants to take into account the sports trend that is becoming more and more popular. This is how the trend sports festival. Promise a colorful festival – on June 28 at the Oberbank Arena athletics center, in collaboration with Sportunion and Uniqa.

Many other small actions

In addition, there are of course many micro-projects throughout Upper Austria directly at the individual school sites. In addition, skateboarding courses are being offered in schools in the Linz region, and several donations are being planned – currently, mainly to support Ukraine. Various school sports festivals are held until the end of the school.

Friedrich Scherer also refers to the many state championships in school sports (43 in number during the school year) that are held.

Corona Project “Big 5 for School Sports”

The “BIG 5” project was also developed during the Corona period. The concept aims to motivate people to play and train for all sports related to school sports – a project unique of its kind in Austria, Scherer asserts. During the year, students can use the tool to know their current level of training and they will continue to be motivated, he is satisfied. “Each student gets direct feedback and can continue to practice at home.”

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