If you already know it, you are a true fan of Till Lindemann and Co.!

Ramstein’s first concert in Germany took place on the current tour in Leipzig. Jens Koch / Ramstein / D

They are the most successful export of German music and again make stadiums in Europe unsafe: rock in Berlin from Ramstein. The band around star Till Lindemann released the new album “Zeit” only in April and is now on tour – and will also be guesting in Berlin this weekend. Fans in the capital will also get their money’s worth at the Olympic Stadium. But how much do fans really know about their group? Here are five interesting facts about Ramstein… Did you know?

The Rammstein members learned these professions before their music career

Careers. The members of Ramstein weren’t musicians from the start – it was a few years before Till Lindemann, Christian “Flick” Lorenz and their comrades-in-arms hit the stage in this formation. Before their music career, they all had completely different jobs. Lindemann trained as a carpenter and later worked as a carpenter, among other things.

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Keyboarder Lorenz trained as a tool maker and worked for a car rental company, among other things. Guitarist Richard Crosby chef-trained, drummer Christoph Schneider, and guitarist Paul Landers did apprenticeships as radio and communications technologists and guitarist Oliver Riddell began training in gypsum.

Till Lindemann is responsible for the scripts at Ramstein

lyric. Till Lindemann is responsible for the texts at Ramstein. But he not only writes the lyrics: he also has several volumes of poetry on the market. What many don’t know: Lindemann wrote a song script for Schlager legend Roland Kaiser. He captured this – the song “I know everything” came out.

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Also exciting: Usually, Rammstein’s lyrics come only after the songs – once the band has composed the music, Lindemann has to find something to match the sounds. While there is often a lot of speculation about the meaning of his works, much of the explanation seems alien to him himself. In an interview with Cicero, the rocker said, “I’m always supposed to analyze my words, but I don’t really think about it much.”

Till Lindemann on a foam cannon at the rehearsal of the Ramstein Big Tour in Prague. Fans can look forward to this scene on the concert tour. zVg

Rammstein’s uncensored video has only been shown on the porn portal

Porn problems. Rammstein is also known for his provocative and love videos, which often cause controversy. One of the most legendary is the song for the song “Pussy” – the song appeared in the recording “Liebe ist für alle da” and was shown only under tight censorship on most video portals. The original clip can only be viewed on porn platforms, because the Rammstein members are shown there having sex. This was filmed with professional porn actors, then the faces of the band members were cut up.

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These influences that appear in Rammstein have become incorrect

Effects appear. Rammstein is known for the stage shows they go around – there are tons of show effects and plenty of fire, fireworks, and other tricks to try. But things didn’t always go so well on the shows. In his book Today, The World Celebrates His Birthday, keyboardist Christian “Flick” Lorenz provides insight into the band’s history, revealing, among other things, that he used to smash a neon tube on Till Lindemann’s back at shows. But things got worse in America – the tube was cut by Lindemann.

At a concert in Worcester, Massachusetts (USA) in 1999, Fleck and Lindemann were arrested – the accusation was “lewd behaviour”. Reason: The two simulated sex with a giant prosthesis on stage during Ramstein’s song “Bück Dich.” However, they were released the next day.

Til Lindemann, front singer of German rock band Ramstein, at a concert. dpa / Boris Rossler

Till Lindemann was a competitive swimmer in his youth

Athlete. Sport has always played a role in the life of Rammstein striker Till Lindemann. In his youth he was a competitive swimmer and in 1978 he placed seventh in the European Youth Championships in swimming over 1500 metres. Then he should take part in the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow.

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Problem: At the European Youth Championships, he left the hotel without permission to get stickers from FRG swimmers deemed “anti-class”. For this reason, he was denied participation in the Olympics. In 1979 he ended his sports career due to an injury. Good for the fans: if he kept swimming, maybe everything would have turned out differently …

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