Hertha BSC: Sandro Schwartz must restart Football news

Sandro Schwarz must restart at Hertha BSC and initially lead the Capital Club to safe table areas. Managing Director Freddy Bobic must be measured by the success of his first true coach.

There has been a wide gap between expectations and reality at Hertha BSC in recent years. Under short-term coach Felix Magath, they managed to stay against Hamburg SV in the relegation zone. A year ago, Hertha saved himself with Bal Darday only two games before the end of the season.

After years of athletic decline, Berliners finally want to look forward again. This should work for Sandro Schwartz. The 43-year-old’s signing became official on Thursday. Schwartz will sign with the old lady until June 2024 and should initially lead Hertha to the safe table areas.

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Hertha Berlin prevents relegation to the second division. The fans are celebrating this

Black should make Herta more attractive

Managing Director Freddy Bobic said: “With his energetic and forward-looking footballing personality, Sandro is able to create a link between the green lawn and the environment. That’s what we need at Hertha BSC.”

In addition to professional qualities, the requirements profile focused on “enthusiasm, passion, and passion,” says Bubeck. Schwartz demonstrated these qualities at FSV Mainz 05 and at Dynamo Moscow. In addition, Bobic requested that Hertha finally play more attractively and offensively. Black symbolizes high pressure, quick transfers and intense football that keeps the opponent busy.

Black is full of anticipation for a new mission

“I’m really interested in helping shape the restart at Hertha BSC. The club has been through a tough time. I’m really looking forward to turning this into something positive with work, joy and a lot of energy,” Schwartz confirmed. .

Hertha’s new coach always shows his full commitment – and that has already caused him to receive a header from Jurgen Klopp. When Schwarz once brought down the current world coach with three tackles during a practice match for Mainz 05 on frozen ground, both alpha animals were built in front of each other.

A heated confrontation between Schwartz and Klopp

Klopp once said of the incident: “Two cocks, suckers!” He shoved his head “a little too far forward” – “Then he started bleeding. That was crazy!” A proud Schwartz initially did not accept Klopp’s apology, “After two months I was his coach,” the current Liverpool manager recalls.

The story from Mainz isn’t the only thing Black and Klopp have in common. Both learned from Mainz creator and legend Wolfgang Frank. Covering space with a defensive line of four, in a 4-4-2 game with forward checking, pressing, aggressive and fast-paced football: Frank’s work became a role model for a generation of Mainz players at the time in their subsequent coaching role. “Schwarz and Klopp are crazy, positive and passionate and they’ve been able to convey those things to the team,” he said. sky Reporter Alexander Boningel has been following Schwartz for years.

Black: open original type

Schwartz’s career as a coach in the German Bundesliga has lasted a little more than two years so far, he has played 85 competitive matches for Mainz between 2017 and 2019. 14th place after the first season, 12th after second, far from the relegation zone in terms of points. In the third it ended soon for Black, before that, for example, there was 0:8 in RB Leipzig.

Black is considered an open and very original type. He moves at eye level with the players and takes the whole team on board. But when things go wrong, he can make clear announcements. The Mainz team is said to have stood behind the coach until the end despite the lack of results at the end.

It is fitting that Schwartz is still in contact with Mainz today. “People still talk about it in the office,” Weiss says. sky Reporter Alexander Boningel has been following Schwartz for years.

Black betting on young players

Even in his last stop, Dynamo Moscow, Schwartz had a very high reputation among his team. He started in the fall of 2020, extended the contract to 2024 last winter and led midfield team Dynamo to the top of the league. He relied on many players from his youth.

He already behaved similarly in Mainz. Swat Sirdar was one of the biggest talents of the time. The 25-year-old is now under contract with Hertha BSC. It can be assumed that Schwartz will revitalize the team in Berlin as well.

Black justifies staying in Russia

Schwartz was named Coach of the Month several times during his time with Dynamo in Russia. Unlike other German coaches such as Marcus Gisdol or Daniel Farke, he remained in the country even after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. Talking about his sense of responsibility, he emphasized, “I think that in a situation like this, safety is the most important thing and that I’m not the one who just looks at himself and says, ‘I’m going to get on the next plane and get out of here’.”

sky The reporter Boningle was not surprised by these statements: “Sandro is very loyal. He sees the team and everyone around him as one family. He did not want to let the people of Moscow down.” Last Sunday, Dynamo lost the cup final to Spartak Moscow 1-2, after which Schwartz announced his retirement. Then the club posted a video in which fans celebrate – and he is released for free despite the two-year contract.

Bobic has to deliver

Despite his success in Russia, some fans at Hertha’s public meeting on Sunday criticized Schwartz’s previously evident coaching resume. Hertha supporters yearn for bigger names. Names worthy of “Big City Club”. Bonengel: “Schwarz doesn’t have the big name yet, but he’s exactly the right person for a fresh start. With him, Hertha has a chance to start a new development.”

Black is now the third coach Bobic has signed for Berlin. According to critics, Bobic has stuck with Tayfun Korkut, who replaced club icon Dardai in November, for too long. Under Magath, who then followed suit in March, stay in the league was very tight.

If he doesn’t work with Black as well, the pressure on Bobic should increase even more. “Schwartz is Bobbik’s first real coach. He made a conscious decision to go for him. Bobek values ​​black. He was very impressed with his work in Mainz. But it is also clear that Bobek has to be measured by his success with lions,” says Bonengel.

If Schwartz is still coach of Hertha in May 2023, he will be the first coach since Dardai 2018/19 to take over for a full season with the Berlin players. It will be the first big hit – for Bobek, Schwartz, and the entire club, who is finally longing for some relief.

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