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At the weekend in Cologne, 32 successful e-football players in Germany will compete for the German Singles Championship in the Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) and prize money of 100,000 euros.

by Matthias Drog

In addition to the defending champion from Hamburg, Umut Goltkin, there are three junior players from Rostock. An eFootball player has never been able to successfully defend a championship title in VBL. Umut Gultekin’s incentive to do so is much greater. The 19-year-old from Hamburg is one of the candidates who will fight exciting duels in the FIFA 22 football simulation game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles in front of up to 500 fans at a location in Cologne (XPOST) (game schedule).

Championship cup still needs a place

In a virtual media talk, Gultekin presented last season’s trophy. “He’s been lying here for a while, to be honest. But I want to rearrange my room, so I want to make some space,” explained the favorite. At the end of March, he won the FIFA Club Championship with RB Leipzig and most recently missed out on the eChampions League.

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“I took a good look at the field of the participants. You really can lose against anyone,” he said of the impressive quality of his opponents. After all, they meet again and again in prestigious tournaments or complete intense training games.

Fresh winds from the Baltic Sea

The Grand Final is the premiere for players from Hansa Rostock. Three of them qualified for the finals after strong performances in their first season. Levy “levyfinn” Rieck could become the “newcomer of the season,” but teammates Hansa Henning ‘FCH_Henning’ Wilmbusse and Felix ‘Zizou7Zidane’ Limbach also played their way onto the big stage.

As friendly as the triangular trains in everyday life, this massive cohesion should rest depending on the championship course. “You always want to win, whether it’s a teammate or not. When you meet, there’s only one thing – to win,” said Rick, 21, who prepares for indoor duels. In total, 27 of the 32 finalists play with clubs in the first and second divisions.

DFL: VBL becomes part of the licensing process

As of the following season, all 36 professional football clubs must have their own electronic football teams. The virtual Bundesliga will then be cemented into the German Football League (DFL) regulation as the third competition along with the first and second divisions, after which it will also be part of the licensing process. “There will be no compulsion,” says Andreas Hayden, Managing Director of Digital. As a ‘B’ standard, VBL will not refuse licensing in case of non-fulfilment, but will certainly result in conditions.

€100,000 in prize money

At the end of the 10th VBL season, the German Football Association distributed €100,000 to the players, with the champions alone raising €40,000. “I think the first Grand Final in 2013 gave the winner a pair of shoes and a ride,” says Matthias “FOKUS STYLO” Hietsch, recalling the beginnings of the ever-increasing championship series. And if Gültekin is the first eFootball player to win the title for a second time, he’ll be happy to factor that into his renewal plans. After all, the championship cup needs a special place.

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