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Pupils from the Max-Planck-Gymnasium organized a charity tour / run about 10,000 laps.

. With 24 degrees, blue skies and an east sun, students from Lahr Schools hiked Seepark pebbles on Thursday. Through their efforts, they collect donations to help Ukraine, which is managed by the “Lar Helvet” initiative. The Lahr running group and the Badberg Company also came to exercise for good reason.

“Leap” and “keep going” echo from the edge of the track. Children and young adults run, jog, and walk across the start and finish line, as do some parents and teachers. Sometimes the rubber bands on her wrist are more, sometimes less. Because there is a wrist strap for every 460ft roll you make. 10,000 collected for the campaign.

Florentin Himmelsbach and Colin Bedard, both 13 and 8a at Max-Planck-Gymnasium, sit on the edge of the track. They power themselves with bananas from Llombart and Peterstaler Water, provided by sponsors. He’s done 37 laps so far, Colin says proudly and with a red face. “But I still want to do 49.” 22.5 kilometers – more than a half marathon. It’s enough for Colin to have a football match tonight to save his energy for. Eighth graders agree: “It’s good to donate to Ukraine by running.”

Martin Rees, principal of the Planck School of Athletics, also runs among the students. Twelve pieces so far despite a leg injury. “It’s a great atmosphere,” he says with a smile. “Students are very excited, regional companies are supporting us and other schools are there as well. That’s great.” In addition to the Max-Planck-Gymnasium, students are run from Clara-Schumann-Gymnasium, Friedrichschule, Meienheim Primary School and Preparatory Classroom. “As a principal, I feel proud,” says Reese. “The students organized it well and the other schools helped. It’s a real community effort that brings people together.”

Nearby, in Breisgaustrasse 37, the Gemeinsam Europa association “Lahr help” has set up information kiosks about their work in Ukraine, as well as food stalls and music boxes. All donations made go to the initiative.

“This is a prime example of what kids can do now,” says Pirmin Styrnol of Lahr hilft. Investments in water management in Ukraine are planned with the funds raised. “Right now, there are big problems with drinking water,” he says. Because the streets and pipes are completely destroyed, drinking water does not currently reach the residents. “We will use the donations to fund special vehicles, pipes, and chlorine, among other things,” he says. They are also in contact with the front, and shoes are needed there at the moment. “Sometimes everyone donated everything they could,” he says. “Then you have to start buying things.”

At about 3 p.m., the instructor in charge, Marion Whiskey Hug, counted about 10,000 bars—that’s roughly the number of courses played. It remains to be seen how many donations will come from the campaign. “It’s such a huge achievement that some of the students ran 44 laps,” she says.

Jacob Sternadl, one of the initiators and organizers of the charity walk, is also satisfied. “It’s great how much you run despite the heat,” he says. For two months he organized the charity with fellow students from the school and “Lar helps”. He could no longer count the number of hours of work that went into preparation despite his Abitur. “Every hour was worth it,” he says.

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