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Britons are celebrating the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne, and none have experienced more political or private crises. That’s why hardly any king is as sexy as the heroine of the movie.

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by Walli Mueller

You can see exactly what happened at the coronation of the Queen in the series “The Crown” – Season 1, Episode 5. Prince Philip, as the master of ceremonies, forces a television broadcast for the first time. But kneeling before the whole world hurts his pride.

I would feel like an amoeba kneeling before his wife. – You develop vulnerability and insecurity like I’ve never experienced before! – Are you my wife or my queen? – I am both, and a strong man kneels before both. – I don’t kneel…
Prince Philip and the Queen in “The Crown”

“The Crown”: a series about the Queen and Prince Philip as an ordinary couple

The Queen and Prince Philip as an ordinary couple arguing – these keyhole looks at the royal family make “The Crown” so much fun only for humans. In fact, of course, the scenes emerged from the imagination of screenwriter Peter Morgan.

After all, he researches meticulously and takes good advice, she says Leonten von Schmitau, ARD nobility expert on the talk show “3 nach 9”. She was amazed at how close the series was to the truth.

Oscars and Emmys for Queen actresses

That’s true at least for the first few seasons, with Claire Foy playing the newly crowned young queen who’s still struggling for her role. Incarnated by talented actresses, the king who stands above things becomes a human being.

Helen Mirren with an Oscar for her role as Queen Elizabeth of England © picture-alliance/dpa Photo: Abaca Hahn-Khayat-Douliery

British actress Helen Mirren won an Academy Award in 2007 for her role as Queen Elizabeth.

With her, you feel private fears and learn to understand her role and her public appearance. Claire Foy and her successor in “The Crown” as Elizabeth’s older, Olivia Colman, have been honored with Emmys and Golden Globes. Early in 2007, Helen Mirren’s film appearance in “The Queen” was a triumph: she received an Oscar for Best Leading Actress for her role as Queen Elizabeth.

The screenwriter was already Peter Morgan at the time. He addresses the Queen’s insensitive behavior after the death of Princess Diana, which plunges the monarchy into crisis. The Queen is said to have seen the movie and thought it was good. But will you ever be caught with peanuts on the couch while watching “The Crown”?

Everything we know about her comes from the rumor mill. It is said that the granddaughter revealed at a party that her grandmother loved the series. However, that may have changed in the controversial fourth season, as she is portrayed as being pretty tough on her daughter-in-law Diana.

‘Royal Night’ – an exciting slap around the little Elizabeth

Of course, there is a risk that the queens of fantasy films will pose the image of the real king in the audience. Peter Morgan asserts that he is aware of this responsibility.

One of the less successful film performances of the British Queen is A Royal Night – a hair-raising slapstick about young Princess Elizabeth, who escapes from the palace with her sister on May 8, 1945 to celebrate the victory over the Germans – and also pulls off a real working-class man.

You lied to me all night! – Today no one really cares what I am. Without you, I wouldn’t have had the chance to be an ordinary girl.
Quote from “Royal Night”

Best Cartoon Queen: In ‘Royal Corgi’ she is cartoonishly portrayed as the lovable chubby dog ​​whose four-legged friends destroy the castle.
Long live the queen!

Season 5 of “The Crown” with Imelda Staunton as the Queen

Starting in November in the form of Imelda Staunton, who takes on the role of the fifth installment of “The Crown” and promises that she will do everything she can to maintain the high standards of the film’s queens.

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