Collective Culture: Northern Black Forest Cultural Summer with 100 Events – Kal

Mayor Peter Busch (City of Pforzheim), County Administrator Helmut Rieger (Calu County), Mayor Frank Schneider (Mohlaker), Klaus Mack, MD (President of the Northern Black Forest Regional Association), Monika Schweikert (Chairman of the Cultural District Working Group Office), District Manager Bastian Rosenau (Incrys); District manager Klaus Ruckert (Freudenstadt) is missing Photo: Regional Association

The Northern Black Forest region presents its culture in a package. From July 15 to August 14, the cultural summer in the northern Black Forest attracts visitors with about 100 events.

NORTH OF THE BLACK FOREST – The first summer of culture 2021 was successful despite the restrictions related to Corona. In the future, the joint cultural project of the Northern Black Forest Cultural Working Group should be established under the leadership of the Northern Black Forest Regional Association in the region and bring together special features from the art and culture of the counties of Kalu, Freudenstadt, Enzkreis and the city of Pforzheim.

From July 15 to August 14, about 100 events will ensure that fans of music, art, theater and literature will not be bored. “Preparing such a broad and diverse program across four provinces and thus being able to positively present the region to the outside world is a challenge that can only be successful with partnership and a lot of motivation and commitment as well as the support of partners and sponsors,” said Klaus Mack, President of the Regional Association.

Start with “CoKo Enz”

Lord Mayor Peter Busch of Pforzheim is pleased that the CoKo Enz Open-Air on a large scale will be the start of the cultural summer. This three-day festival with top acts like Milow, Cassandra Steen, Fools Garden and Christoph Sonntag, as well as the 21st Pforzheim Street Theater Festival organized by Kulturhaus Osterfeld, guarantees life and a cool atmosphere downtown and is well worth a visit to the top spot.

In any case, the region’s leaders agree that “the form of cultural summer strengthens our region.”

The target group is as diverse as the program and the sites. Abbey concerts in Maulbronn and Alpirsbach, Rossini Opera Festival in Bad Wildbad, Calw Abbey summer with the best concerts, among others with Udo Lindenberg and Nico Santos, are special experiences in an unusual setting.

Traditionally, running a shepherd in Wildberg and reading Gerbersau summer in Calw brings back memories of Hermann Hesse. The Loffelstelz castle in Mühlacker and the castle garden in Altensteig become an outdoor backdrop with special ambiance and atmospheric lighting effects.

Artistic trail for families

Also includes Neuenburg Castle and Neuhausen Theater Fund. The atmosphere, among other things, creates a good atmosphere in Freudenstadt and the whole family can experience the culture on a wonderful panoramic walk in the Kunstweg. Hirsau Abbey’s historical background is organized into the closing ceremony of the cultural summer and subsequent open-air cinema, and serves as a Goldstadt bus destination after a private literary tour. “The cultural summer is a great opportunity to show the cultural strength of the region and connect it together through joint activities,” says District Director Helmut Rieger of Kalo.

AG Kulturregion hopes that the events will now be attended in large numbers and visitors will go on an exploratory tour and experience scenic beauty, new places with their sights and cultural diversity from Maulbronn to Alpirsbach. Monika Schweikert, Head of Office for AG Kulturregion, reports that for the first time a “KulturChauffeur” can be won, which will connect the provinces with a private shuttle bus and provide trips across the region to select events with private stops. Both ways of course.

More information and Flyers are placed at local tourism offices.

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