Burbock speaks plain-text to Marcus Lanz: ‘It could happen to us too’

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to: Rolf Rudiger Hammacher

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Annalena Baerbock is joined by Markus Lanz. (screenshot) © ZDF

Marcus Lanz discusses the Ukraine war and the mass internment of Uyghurs in China on his ZDF talk show on Wednesday (June 1).

HAMBURG – This time Carsten Linnemann (CDU) was placed on a “bashing chair” next to Markus Lanz – and after being presented with a pronouncement from Anja Mayer (“He looks like the son of Friedrich Merz”), it was feared that he would live off his calf-biting position, which in the meantime had become embarrassing for him this evening.

But then things turned out completely differently – also because Annalena Baerbock (Die Grünen) immediately made an obligating and stately tone and spoke clearly: “We must remain in power and be prepared for the fact that the war can go on for a long time before the return of Ukraine can live In freedom and peace.”

Lanz is trying to lure you out of the reserve with Olaf Schultz (SPD) speech yesterday before the Bundestag: “How frustrated are you that everything is going so slowly? The problem is in the Chancellery, where someone is silent for 100 days and then today announces this detailed list of weapons that have been Delivered to Ukraine, which will be joined by 60-year-old GDR tanks from Greece at the end of June, which are more likely to go to the scrap heap than to belong to the battlefield. ”

Barbock talks to Marcus Lanz about the Ukraine war: ‘It could happen to us, too’

Here, too, Baerbock confidently resists the solidarity cooperation of the relevant ministries and once again explains the idea of ​​a circular exchange, which now gives Greece more modern Marder tanks from the stocks of the Bundeswehr and tanks of Ukrainian soldiers that they can use without additional training.

Marcus Lanz discussed the Ukraine War with Annallina Barbock, among others, on ZDF.
Marcus Lanz discussed the Ukraine War with Annallina Barbock, among others, on ZDF. (screenshot) © ZDF

When asked by Lanz if Ukraine should have been armed to the brim after Russia’s annexation of Crimea, she frankly acknowledged the failure of the West and NATO, which stood idly by while Russia rearmed. She experienced the result firsthand during her visit to Bucha, where she encountered the atrocities committed by the Russian army: “No one was left indifferent, it could also happen to us.”

“Under these circumstances, how can you negotiate with someone like your Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, who constantly lies to you,” Lanz wants to know. Barbock offers a piece of ministerial diplomacy that has been assimilated with surprising speed: “First of all, I met him before my visit to Bucha and at least ‘Good morning’ was not a lie.”

CDU politician praises Annalina Barbock in Marcus Lanz: “The complete opposite of Olaf Schulz

But the foreign minister also has something concrete to achieve: Germany provides 450 million euros in humanitarian aid to Ukraine and supports the International Court of Justice by sending eight judges to investigate war crimes committed by the Russian military in Ukraine. And she remembers again that she had always considered Nord Stream 2 an outright instrument of power and rejected it.

Karsten Linemann is quite enthusiastic about Annalena Baerbock and commends her clear line: “She’s the exact opposite of Olaf Schulz. That’s what the citizens want.” When Lanz mocked him for moving to the Green Party, he quickly replied: “Party politics should be left for once.”

Once he does, it becomes clear that a qualified economist is the kind of reformer one would have expected in a coalition government. Lineman supports the idea of ​​a cartel of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi to dissolve oil and gas shipments: “Customers unite and therefore set the price.” And his fear of dragging the middle class into poverty as inflation continues, he wants to respond by focusing on helping those who really need it.

Discussion with Marcus Lanz on ZDF: “The Systematic Genocide of the Uyghurs”

Lanz is frankly excited about “Lineman’s murderous penchant for honesty” and wonders what his party leader would say about his ideas. Lineman’s persuasive answer: “Frederick Merz OK.” But before this even opens, the group turns to the topic that has rocked us just as much as Putin’s war in recent days:

“Xi Jinping’s systematic genocide against the Uyghurs,” ZDF reporter Ulf Röller describes it with reference to the just-released Xinjiang police files. According to Christoph Gissen, their “data”, “we carefully searched, were able to reach police officers in reeducation camps on phone numbers, and traced relatives of prisoners who had fled abroad.”

Roller reports on children in Xinjiang who speak of their parents who were held captive for four years: “90% of the children are practically orphans.” And the penalties are also incredible: six years in prison for an 18-year-old for two weeks of training in the gym, which was interpreted as preparation for a terrorist act. A 23-year-old was convicted of reading religious texts when he was seven and a woman was sentenced to 16 years in prison for disturbing public order.

Amazing panel discussion with Marcus Lanz: A discussion on the Ukraine-China war on ZDF

For Lanz, it is disgraceful for VW to operate a production facility in the midst of such cultural genocide. “This is also in a practically useless factory, where parts from only a few of the other 33 factories in China are wired together,” Jessen researched.

Marcus Lanz, broadcast from June 1

Here you can watch the talk show on ZDF in the media library

Now Anja Meyer, who had gone through the discussion so far, said to her: “What should we do so that this does not remain just a sentimental cry?” And at least you see a light on the political horizon in the Ministry of Economics headed by Green Robert Habeck: this is what German companies have refused to invest in China with collateral guarantees. A novelty in German politics.

Rohler also sees the possibilities: “We have influence, and a lot of things are going wrong in China right now. They need our technology. On the other hand, they believe in their greater ability to suffer and fear us. In the end, it’s an open race.” But we also have to accept :”Why are Chinese companies actually allowed to build bridges here, but our companies don’t get any orders in China?” As expected, he is left without a leg. God bless this harmonious and amazingly informative panel discussion! (Rolf Rudiger Hammacher)

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