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everything Bodo Wartke stands for cabaret music, high culture and entertainment. Hamburger has been on stage for over 25 years. He performed his songs live at NDR Kultur Studio.

Bodo is a child from the North and grew up near Lübeck. For 25 years he has delighted a growing audience with his smart and funny songs, which he usually performs as a soloist. Bodo Wartke is not shy about sensitive political and social issues. Intelligent entertainment at a high level. His current show is called “Wandelmut” and he is currently on tour in Germany.

When you think of new songs, what comes first for you – the lyrics or the music?

Bodo and urtaki: sometimes like this; Sometimes like that. What is important is the result: that is, a song is created in which the music and the text fit together. The ways to get there are very different. It so happens that I first finish writing the script of an entire song and then ask myself what it might look like? I either have a melody in my head or I sit at the piano and start harmonizing it. Some songs are created entirely in my head, without having to sit at the piano. So I try to elicit the music that is already rooted in the words with the instrument.

She first studied physics in Berlin and later played piano and singing at the University of the Arts. How did this happen?

Bodo and urtaki: My mother advised me to study physics and I did, assuming it would interest me, which it did when I was in school. But not at all when I was in college. I realized that my passion lies elsewhere. She wrote songs and poems during physics lectures, which she experimented with in the evenings on the cabaret theaters in Berlin. In my second semester of physics, at Humboldt University in Berlin, the first nationwide student strike took place with tens of thousands of students. It inspired me, I wrote songs about tuition fees and education inequality, so that was the topic. I wrapped it into a rhyme and song and sang it at the big gatherings at Alexanderplatz and Wittenbergplatz. Felt a bit like Woodstock.

My voice: Exact Words Acrobatics: Bodo Wartaki as a guest at Extra (55 minutes)

Then I thought: This is my talent, I can make a difference here and this is also my passion. I was actually hired as a variety show director at Chamäleon-Varieté at Hackesche Höfe. This was the reason why I let my physics studies rest and reorient myself after this three month commitment. I was able to perform every night and always enjoyed it, even today. That’s what I want – just keep going. Then I studied music because I wanted to improve what I was already doing: playing the piano and singing.

You are a benefactor. You post news about the new campaigns “Living Climate Neutral in Berlin”, you participate. Are you more optimistic or pessimistic?

Bodo and urtaki: It depends on what the day looks like, I say – mostly optimistic. What do you want to do other than hope it gets better? I try, as much as I can, to at least create awareness or write songs about topics that interest me. And if I can link these songs to a donation goal that matches the content of the song in question, that’s great. There’s a song of mine called “The Country I Want To Live In” and if you buy that song digitally, you automatically donate money to the AI ​​when you download it. Other proceeds from “Not In My Name” will go to Doctors Without Borders. So for those people who are trying to heal existing wounds and fix what others have broken. Fortunately there are a lot of good things.

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Hardly anyone rhymes as dry as Bodo Wartke. The Hamburg piano comedian performed live on NDR Kultur EXTRA today. more

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