As well as the fourth season of the Danish political series

The old days see their last when whalers in West Greenland drag a carcass on the ice and slaughter it. Old man taking a rest and sitting in front of his house, drinking coffee and enjoying the view of snow. Then a helicopter roars, people gather, and it soon becomes clear that a new era has begun. The oil was found, roughly on the border of an area listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Which, as is known, does not matter if it is possible to earn enough money.

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Greenland’s big dream is independence

In any case, Birgit Nyborg, the former head of government and foreign minister in the new Danish government, feels nothing but excitement when she gets a call. “It can be a big problem,” she told her assistant. Your New Democrats have a green face. It warns that “fossil fuels are becoming a thing of the past” – this is a lot like a pamphlet. You must wait for the press.

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There is still a degree of agreement: Foreign Minister Nyborg (Seds Babbitt Knudsen) in conversation with Ben Magnus (Lucas Lingard Tonsen, left), a passionate animal and environmentalist unrelated to the Greenland oil project.

But they were already informed by Naalakkersuisut in Greenland. The Minister in charge of Greenland, Hans Eliassen (Svend Hardenberg), brings the question of Greenland independence, which has been put on hold, to the table as well as the expected increase in prosperity. The first step has been taken.

Birgit Nyborg was a strong, hard-hearted woman

Burgen is back after a hiatus of nearly ten years. From 2010 to 2013, Adam Price’s Inside Story of a Politician Who Becomes Prime Minister, is passionate about her country, faces personal setbacks but never gives up, was one of the biggest series, and one of the prime examples of how engaging Scandinavians can be on TV cinema. Divorce, her daughter’s panic disorder, her breast cancer – what we suffered and feared with Birgit Nyborg, agreed to her temporary withdrawal from politics, then celebrated a comeback with the new Democrats she founded.

As prime minister, Sidis Babbitt Knudsen was a mixture of Kiefer Sutherland-style heart and toughness as US President Tom Kirkman in “Designated Survivor” (2016-2019) – just without his horrific anti-Trump pity. When “Borgen” expired, the Netflix streaming service was just beginning to conquer Scandinavia. Now Netflix is ​​reviving the series, which Helle Thorning-Schmidt (2011-2015), Denmark’s first de facto prime minister (and Nyborg fan) wouldn’t call out, lest she risk adopting Nyborg style.

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In the new “Borgen” squadron, Ukraine has already been attacked

Borgen’s fourth season, titled Might and Glory, is very new in its content. When Nyborg learned at a committee meeting that Russian companies had bought into the Canadian drilling company aimed at developing the oil field, which one of its advisers, who did not tell her, dismissed it as irrelevant, exploded: “Maybe she did it with the fact that Russia is not a democracy? That Russia Under international sanctions for attacking Ukraine? And if we allow the Russians to drill for oil in Greenland, our relationship with the United States will be enormously strained?”

The smile is deceptive: Foreign Minister Nyborg (Seds Babbitt Knudsen, right) and Prime Minister Signi Kraag (Johann Louise Schmidt) have different attitudes toward the major oil discovery in Greenland.

The smile is deceptive: Foreign Minister Nyborg (Seds Babbitt Knudsen, right) and Prime Minister Signi Kraag (Johann Louise Schmidt) have different attitudes toward the major oil discovery in Greenland.

Very topical! Russia’s largest company belongs to a “friend of Putin’s innermost circle,” as new Arctic Minister Asgar Holm Kierkegad (Mikel Poe Volsgaard) has researched. He concluded: “We are in bed with the devil.”

And so the following episodes are about how close you are to embracing this bed, and how close your convictions are to the old political woman so that she can occupy her position in the Cabinet. Immanuel Kant was quoted as saying at the beginning of one of the episodes: “It is in the nature of power that it can also lead to abuse.” Prestige and influence, and their impending loss, also mean that Nyborg puts his obsessions aside and embraces the authority of the ancient apes.

Nyborg has become the face of anti-environmental politics

Nyborg watches his hired scientists spread lies. She helps Greenland become a pawn. She insults her son Magnus (Lucas Lingard Tonsen), a young animal and nature conservationist, by portraying him on camera as a spoiled young man who loves to flaunt climate protection with a smile, but at the same time loves to use Mom’s car if necessary.

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What she cannot prevent is that she has become the face of the Greenland crisis, a scapegoat for the prime minister’s anti-climate policies. Climate Minister resigns. Nyborg party feels betrayed. The son will leave, and no thanks, this time he is happy to part with the taxi mother. Meanwhile, the story of former spin doctor Catherine (Birgit Hurt Sorensen), who threatens to split in the new position of TV 1 news head, is told.

As Borgen puts his finger on wounded China in Europe

Perfect timing, great cast – things come to the climax in a thrilling fashion. The great global economic octopus, China, currently “under discussion” due to its brutal suppression of the Uyghur people and the extermination of their culture, has finally been awarded a mining contract in Greenland. Accordingly, the Russian and American armed forces are seriously attacking their swordsmen.

This is also updated. While the West, and especially Germany, is far from recovering from the knowledge of a long-standing blind policy towards Russia, which was supposed to become less friendly after the illegal Russian seizure of Crimea at the latest, it should recognize on the basis of it . Knowledge of the camps and orders to shoot China, perhaps its most powerful trading partner, makes German morals seem hypocritical when it comes to human rights. Businesses tolerate suffering and tolerate displacement and death.

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The signature of Nyborg sanctifies the dictatorship of the Middle Kingdom in Burgen. With a disappointing, uncritical assessment of her visit to China, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, recently demonstrated that ignoring or minimizing Chinese reprisals is by no means an exaggerated fantasy when the nature of the regime is so clear. So all is well with Beijing and the Uyghurs?

Borgen self-education to become a happy person

“Not because it is difficult that we dare not, but because we do not dare that it is difficult” – this quote from Seneca’s “Letters on Morals to Lucilus,” which the Roman philosopher (1-65 AD) wrote after he retired from politics, precedes the last episode. When her father’s sponsor Bent Ciro (Lars Knutzon) witnesses that she has become a stranger to him, the final tremor passes through Nybjerg. She follows her conscience (and Seneca’s principle of “to teach yourself to be a happy person”). Suddenly everything became so easy.

From a sobering series about tough and often dirty political acts, Borgen now tends to “The Old Hollywood Case Should Be Larger Than Life”. From the burial of the mole, which Nyborg carelessly pushed away from the sidewalk under the flowers, “Borgen” became a fairy tale about the kind Mrs. Nyborg, who blames her nose for the power monkey – but we, in spite of all this also perfect no harm in everything, thank you for your contribution In culture entertainment I wish you all the best from the bottom of your heart. Farvell, Birgit Nyborg!

“Borrowing – Power and Glory” (“Bourgen, Season 4”), eight episodes, written by Adam Price, starring Sidis Babbitt Knudsen, Birgit Hjort Sorensen, Mikkel Boe Volsgaard, Lars Knutzon, Lars Mikkelsen (streaming June 2 on Netflix)

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