What you need to know about the cheap monthly card

The €9 ticket will start on June 1, 2022. You can use it to travel anywhere in Germany at a low monthly price. Not only Deutsche Bahn, but also regional public transport. But what is actually possible with a 9 euro ticket and what is not? We’ve gathered what you need to know before you set out.

9 euro ticket: what is it?

The €9 ticket is a measure taken by the federal government to compensate for some of the current price increases in everyday life. for one Monthly price 9 euros All citizens should be able to use local transportation throughout Germany. In our article, you can find out what else we want to do to relieve consumers.

What is the validity of a 9 euro ticket?

Valid €9 ticket From June to August 2022. The first day you can use the cheap ticket is the first of June. After August 31st, you can no longer drive it. There is no blocking according to the time of day as there are many Federal State tickets, so you can still use the €9 ticket early in the morning or late at night. The validity period always corresponds to one calendar month, so you can’t buy a ticket from June 5 to July 4, for example. If you have a valid ticket of €9, you can use it as much as you want in the corresponding period.

Where is the 9 euro card valid?

You can theoretically use a 9 euro ticket Travel around Germany. Deutsche Bahn, regional carriers and urban public transport all participate and must accept the ticket. However, not all transportation companies or associations have actually commented on this.

There are also restrictions: you can only use the local trains of the Deutsche Bahn with a ticket of €9, such as the long-distance trains ICE, IC and EC are not included. This will lead to a problem that Deutsche Bahn pointed out before the start. You must also purchase regular tickets for long-distance buses.

In the cities, you should be able to use a €9 ticket for buses, trams and the subway. However, urban public transport companies are unlikely to oppose each other. Difficulties are foreseeable only when buying tickets, if especially small businesses cannot change the background processes in time.

How do you get a 9 euro ticket?

The ticket should be 9 euros It is presented digitally It can be purchased directly via a smartphone and controlled digitally as well. In addition to DB, many regional and urban public transport providers are willing to offer a €9 ticket directly via their own apps. But if you don’t use a smartphone, you should too You can find it in the ticket machine will. It is still not clear, for example, whether Deutsche Bahn will also sell a €9 ticket at the counter.

Final certainty about the measure is expected from May 20, when the Federal Council voted on the plans as the last authority.

This is not possible with a 9 euro ticket

In addition to restrictions on local transportation, other things are not included in the €9 ticket:

  • Bicycle transportation Not included, you must purchase a bicycle ticket for local transportation in addition to the €9 ticket. However, Deutsche Bahn advises against this, as it cannot be guaranteed that you will be taken with you, as would be expected of many passengers.
  • Children from 6 years old Need their own ticket. Children under 6 years old travel with their parents for free.
  • ride in 1st class Also not possible with a €9 ticket.
  • Seat Reservations In local transport usually not provided. Therefore, it was also omitted with the €9 ticket.
  • additional Discountseg with a BahnCard, not planned, the 9€ ticket is treated like a monthly ticket at DB. This cannot be combined with a BahnCard discount either.

DB Navigator should always be by your side, even with the €9 card:

What do season ticket holders and subscription customers get from a €9 ticket?

All citizens should benefit from a 9 euro ticket. Thus season tickets and ticket subscriptions are also affected. If you have a season pass, monthly pass or even an annual subscription with DB, with which you can use local transportation, Prices will be charged. Deutsche Bahn will inform affected customers in advance whether there is a credit or whether the discounted price will be charged directly (source: Deutsche Bahn). However, this does not apply to long-distance transfer subscriptions or BahnCard 100.

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