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This year’s Grimme Award was also awarded to two Hessischer Rundfunk productions. The award goes to the documentary film “Hanau – One Night and Its Consequences” and a series on the pressure on children during the Corona pandemic.

It’s Germany’s most prestigious media award – and this year it also went to two TV productions by Hessischer Rundfunk. This was announced by the Grimme jury on Tuesday in Essen. A total of 19 awards and honors were announced.

On the other hand, the documentary hr “Hanau – Eine Nacht und seine ArchaeologyFilmed on the first anniversary of the racist attack in February 2020, and according to the jury, it traces the events and consequences for the victims and their families.

Nominated for the 58th Grimm Award in the category

Documentary about Hanau: Against the racist logic of the perpetrator

Hanau’s killer came from the neighborhood: he shot nine young men on racial grounds.

In the documentary, survivors and relatives talk about how they lived the night of the crime and the months that followed and how they defend themselves against the logic of the perpetrator who wanted to make them strangers in their homeland. They are fighting for the memory of the victims and for an explanation of what happened. The documentary won in the Media and Culture category.

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The documentary “Hanao – One Night and Its Consequences” is available here on the web on ARD Media Library Let’s see (length: 47 minutes).

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A special award for a series about children in the Corona crisis

Kristen Rotten and Petra Boberge received a special award in the Children and Youth category for their Broadcast Concept for the Human Resources Documentary Series Um A Limit?! Now I Speak. we!“.

In it, he tells students about their performance during homeschooling, hybrid lessons, social distancing, and what role parents and teachers play for them in the pandemic: close, real, and emotional in portrait mode.

(From left to right): Helena, Somaya, and Alaida, as well as Elias and Theodore.

Boberg said of her motivations for producing the series: “The students reflected to us that they simply aren’t heard, and aren’t asked enough: ‘How are you really? “

The jury honored “At the limit?! We’re talking now!” Because it puts children and young people first and allows them to report their personal experiences and limitations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The documentary series “At the Limit?! – We’re Talking Now” is available here on the web Media Library To watch (6 episodes every 14-20 minutes).

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HR Program Director: “Affected People Get a Voice”

HR Program Director Gabriel Holzner congratulated: “I am particularly pleased with these two awards because they relate to projects across the media on social topics of particular relevance where those affected are given a voice and not only speak for: Hanau victims, survivors and students during the pandemic.”

The Grimme Awards will be presented in a grand ceremony on August 26 at the Marl Theater (North Rhine-Westphalia). They are seen as Germany’s most sought-after trophy for quality TV. There are no financial prizes.

Out of more than 760 submissions, the Grimme Institute nominated 74 contributions for the award. The award has been presented annually since 1964.

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