Ten things you should know now when visiting Whitsun Market


Alfield (LS). After two years of banishment in the digital world, the Alsfeld Whitsun market is back. In less than two days, the hype will begin on the fairgrounds around City Hall. Visitors to Whitsun Market should know this before they visit.

1. Working hours

On Friday evening, Whitsun Market will finally open its doors again – at least in a figurative sense. At 5 p.m. the lively hustle and bustle of the fairgrounds opens, the Bunden opens and the rides begin with the wild rides. However, there is no 99 cents in the energy hour as usual this year.

By the way, the folk festival officially opens at 6:30 p.m. in the marquee with a tapping of a beer brew. Basically, the market is open until 1 am every day. Saturdays open at 2pm, Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays Family Day starts at 11am, with Whitsun Market closing at 10pm this day.

The tent is open on other days until 1 am, the town hall – which awaits visitors only with a Saturday party program – is open from 10 pm to 4 am.

What is the scheme for the Alsfeld Whitsun market

2. Pageant Queen

Speaking of the official starting signal: Before the party finally begins, the procession will take you from Market Square through the entire city toward the tent, where Mayor Stefan Paul will formally tap the barrel. The show starts at 6pm from the Market Square and then travels along Untere Fulder Gasse, Wallgasse, Walkmühlenweg, Altenburger Straße and Jahnstraße to the festival site.

In 2014, the traditional competition with a great cast and musical accompaniment was brought back to life after not being part of the program since 1998 for cost reasons.

3. Horse riding

As always, there’s something for every fairground carousel fan: for adrenaline junkies, laid-back connoisseurs, and little explorers. A special highlight should be the Apollo 13, which has already been presented as an “absolute sensation in the carousel market”. The flight height is 55 meters, the speed is up to 120 km / h and powers up to 5G – like launching a missile.

For younger visitors, Pirates Adventure, an adventure simulation facility named “Pirates,” should be a gem in the arena. You can read more about the other things you can discover here.

Classics, special effects, swinging gondola, flying height 55m

4. Ban the bottle

So that you can really have fun at the fairgrounds without hesitation, there is a ban on using bottles in the arena as normal to avoid broken glass and waste – and to prevent unnecessary injuries. So the organizers are asking visitors in advance not to bring glass bottles with them this year.

5. Beer prices

You can also get drinks on site: in the canopy and in the city hall, including the outside counter. A topic that should definitely interest some Whitsun Market visitors is beer prices. Alsfeld Festival “Helle Elle” beer will be available on the marquee, as well as cider on tap, beer will be served in two sizes: 0.5 liters and 0.25 liters – for 6 euros or 3 euros per beer. Thomas Bronswyk explained: “Beer is a little more expensive than it was in 2017, when I was last a notable host at Whitsun Market.”

At the outside counter in front of the Stadthalle there is also a fresh beer on tap for €3 per 0.25 liter. Bells and festival beer “Helle Elle” and wheat and cider are available on tap. Non-alcoholic drinks are much cheaper at 0.33 liters per 3 euros. It’s also cheaper in Stadthalle on a Saturday evening during the 2000s party: 0.33 liters of beer is available here for €3.

You can also save at Stadthalle by purchasing a drink voucher. If purchased accordingly, the cost of this beer is only 2.50 euros instead of 3 euros.

6. Toilets

Anyone who drinks a lot will sooner or later have to go to the toilet – and they will find what they are looking for at Stadthalle. The toilets there are open every day. As usual, there will also be a toilet cart on the edge of the fairground near the school.

On the edge of Whitsun Market, at the lower end of the Schillerstraße, the toilet cart has been set up again this year. Photo: acr

7. Corona restrictions

There are no Corona requirements and associated restrictions such as the obligation to wear masks, distance regulations or the like on the Whitsun Market fairgrounds – not even in the tent, lounge or at the games.

8. DRK Rescue Site

And while you’re in the medical information: DRK at Whitsun Market has got a new point of contact. The German Red Cross is at the Whitsun Market every day from 8pm and is therefore the point of contact for medical emergencies. You can find it at the old music school on Schillerstraße right on the edge of the fairgrounds. In addition, the Republic of Korea also patrols the fairgrounds.

9. Taxi collection point

So that no one has to sit behind the wheel unnecessarily, there will again be a “taxi stand” in Hessestibbche at the entrance to Jahnstrasse this year. Taxis waiting for LTAXI will stop at two stops on Altenburger Straße. Shared taxis for up to eight people still have to be booked in advance. The taxi company can be contacted at 06631/8014450.

10. Free parking

There is usually free parking for visitors around the Stadthalle car park – but because it is now occupied by the Whitsun Market, public parking spaces are available in Schellengasse, Marburger Straße, Hinter der Mauer and Hofstatt/Schellengasse as free parking alternatives up to and including the 8th of June.

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