Start of special tickets: What you need to know about the €9 ticket


Status: 01/06/2022 03:43 AM

Millions of tickets have already been sold, and tickets for €9 are valid as of today. Where else can they be bought, how full are the trains – and what should you definitely pay attention to?

How big is the order so far?

Deutsche Bahn started selling tickets ten days ago – it has now sold around seven million tickets worth €9. The numbers refer to all associations and companies as well as sales online, on counters or on machines.

Where else can tickets be purchased?

Tickets are still available via the carrier’s classic POS and apps. Since Monday, the Association of German Carriers (VDV) is also offering its €9 ticket app. Offer not specified.

What trains can be used?

Ticket holders can use all buses, trams, underground, suburban and regional trains throughout Germany – regardless of whether they are operated by Deutsche Bahn or other providers. The ticket is only valid for second class. Long-distance transport cannot be used with ICE, Intercity and Eurocity, and Flix green trains and long-distance buses cannot be used. Usually booking options are only available for long-distance transfers – the 9€ ticket is not valid there.

The ticket is also not valid in some sections between cities that passengers with tickets for other domestic transport are allowed to board. These long-distance trains appear in the travel information as well as the IC with a regional train designation. The Note 9-Euro-Ticket must not be valid.

According to the railways, there are still regional discussions on this topic. The railways named these intercity links: Bremen-Norddeutsche Mall, Elsterwerda-Berlin, Berlin-Prenzlau, Potsdam-Berlin-Cottbus, Dillenberg-Littmath, Erfurt-Gira and Stuttgart-Constanz. For the so-called Gäubahn from Stuttgart to Lake Constance, the state of Baden-Württemberg and the railways have agreed to accept a €9 ticket also on trains located in this IC section.

How crowded is it – and what are the consequences?

hard to say. VDV expects 30 million ticket users per month, but that’s an estimate. The head of the regional railway company DB Regio, Jörg Sandvoß, recently admitted: “We have no proof.”

However, the high demand up front shows that many customers can be expected. Several carriers have announced additional trains. Deutsche Bahn, for example, wants to use 50 more trains and increase the number of employees. They should be used mainly along tourist routes towards the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and in the south. But experts doubt that this will be enough. Whitsun’s long weekend is my first stress test.

The EVG is already warning of a possible evacuation of trains, sidewalks or entire stations on Pentecost: Traffic in particular can push the rail system to its limits. “If an entire train station is threatened with overcrowding, it will be closed. If the trains are too full, they must be evacuated,” said Martin Burkert, vice president of EVG from the Rheinische Post.

Burkert is also concerned about passengers using wheelchairs and cyclists. “Rural mobility aids may not be available to the extent required to assist wheelchair users.” In addition, it has become difficult for the disabled to enter and subsequently find a suitable place. “

Burkert fears entire groups of cyclists will run into trouble. He cautioned that a group’s arrival at their destination by train could not be ruled out, but that bicycles and e-bikes were not included on the return trip.

Can a €9 ticket be combined with an ICE ticket?

yes. As Deutsche Bahn mentioned, you can use it to travel to the station on regional transport where you can change to a long distance train. However, a separate ticket is always required for long-distance travel.

Will expensive single or monthly tickets continue to be offered during this time?

Day and group tickets are often offered, even if they are more expensive than a €9 ticket. They have different transport regulations, for example for passengers or bicycles. However, many carriers are trying to remove confusing purchase options from the offer.

In Hamburg, all monthly high-voltage tickets and all single tickets costing more than €9 will be replaced by a monthly ticket of €9 within the three months of the campaign. Even with BVG in Berlin, the regular monthly ticket in the tickets app should not be bookable during the three months.

Will the checks last despite the cheap tickets?

Yes, according to the carriers, they will continue to check in as normal. If you are found without a ticket, you still pay the so-called increased transfer fee which is usually €60.

What about those who already have a subscription?

Anyone who already has a monthly or annual subscription has to pay only nine euros in the three months. Subscribers are informed by their provider or transport association what the bills look like: by reducing the direct debit or by refunding the difference.

Subscription tickets will be recognized as business tickets, student tickets, semester tickets or tickets for the elderly on buses and trains throughout Germany until the end of August – the semester ticket from Bremen, for example, is also valid on regional trains in Bavaria. An image may be requested during the scan. However, there is no cashback for those with a Bahncard 100, as they can also use local transportation. If you have a first class ticket, you are not entitled to get it outside the validity area. Transferable subscription tickets are only valid for other users in the area of ​​validity and not throughout Germany.

Do children also need a €9 ticket?

According to Deutsche Bahn, children between the ages of 6 and 14 need their own €9 ticket or another ticket. It is not possible to take a 9 euro ticket with you for free. Children under the age of six generally travel for free.

Is it possible to book first class at an additional cost?

No, this is not possible. Depending on the network, subscribers have the option to switch to First Class for an additional cost.

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