Sports, Games, Snake: Magical Surprises for Children’s Day

Big party for little ones only: When the little boys and girls from Loitz and Düvier arrived in front of the Peenestadt Sports and Events Hall, they were amazed. They haven’t seen so many colorful balloons, white pigeons, and happy kids in one place for a long time. “After the Big Children’s Day party has been canceled for the past two years due to Corona, we are all glad that it is up and running now that we can experience a few nice hours together just made for you, dear kids,” Mayor Kristen Witt opened the party on Wednesday morning.

A magic lesson at Hogwarts

About three hundred boys and girls from daycares, nurseries and Luitz Elementary School gladly accepted the invitation to a magic show. Submitted by Michael Schreiber from Leipzig. The artist was a guest in the small town for the second time. “I like the place here very much. The young audience is doing great, and I am looking forward to the show we call Hogwarts Magic Lessons,” said the artist shortly before the performance. Lütten was also looking forward to it. And the magician gave a lot of respect and applause, because they followed what was happening on the stage with great interest and enthusiasm.

During the subsequent joint sausage meal, the children had a lot to tell each other. Comrades from the Luitz Volunteer Fire Brigade put about 300 small sausages on the grill, and city administration employees distributed drinks and small sweets for dessert.

The guys from the Luitz Volunteer Fire Brigade took to the barbecue so the kids could enjoy the varied program

Charitable work for the solidarity of Ukrainian children and children

Experience the younger ones from Jarmen and the surrounding area too on June 1 full of surprises, starting with the Highway City Primary School. She invited a nice gym party, even the nursery sponsors stopped by. However, the organizers had to temporarily move part of the program to the gym and classrooms or link it to craft sessions due to initially bad weather.

On Your Marks, Get Ready, Go: Kids of Jarmen Elementary School were caught on a charity tour yesterday, which was for Ki

In the meantime, it was a joy to present the new shirts for the first time on the occasion, which, thanks to the patronage of the physiotherapist Uldag, will make it possible to appear uniformly in competitions in the future. It was about as many laps as possible on the sports field. Finally, the educational facility benefited from a fundraiser on Wednesday, in which young people raised funds for the “Lighthouse” children’s hospice and for the benefit of Ukrainian children.

Brave children dare to climb the giant snake

Pupils at a day care center in nearby Zarrenthin received especially sweet gifts on their special day. Because Bentzin Mayor Grit Gawrich and Zemminer Heimatverein each came with a gift full of sweets. In addition, the so-called piñata had to be smashed later, in which case the horse figure was filled with sweets and the like.

In a Sea of ​​Balloons: Bring in the Mayor of Benzin Gret Goresh

The Steppkes did not miss the parade through the village either – and they were delighted with an additional surprise from the circus that was currently visiting Jarmen: he came with a huge snake, which the little ones stroked bravely and happily, while some teachers kept the proper distance.

Surprise hit: Circus visiting Jarmen also introduced a yellow boa at Zarrenthin day care center on Wednesday

On the other hand, the Völschow Day Care Center received a visit from the firefighters on the morning of the first day of June. Because the firefighters drove the whole team to the Jagetzow area and then came back again later in an ambulance. Where there is a great playground and everyone had a great day. This is also thanks to the bouncy castle of the young brigade and volunteer helpers of parents who, among other things, provided for the barbecue.

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