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everything Bodo Wartke stands for cabaret music, high culture and entertainment. Hamburger has been on stage for over 25 years. Today he performed live on NDR Kultur in the studio.

by Peter Helling

The artist says, “Sharing joy with one another is what makes us human. Art isn’t just self-adulation in vain, it’s a social process, you deal with your surroundings!”

With Bodo Wartke, everything comes under the rhyme of a magnifying glass

Bodo Wartke is known for his great concerts and shows. Everything comes under the rhyming magnifying glass, everything can become part of a song, a poem. Trump, the Hambach Forest, and now: virologist Christian Drosten. He wrote an entire song about him. Singer, artist, actor and poet Bodo Wartke considers himself a historian of our time. Everything in rhyme.

By the way, the best rhymes come to him when the laundry gets stuck, in the middle of normal everyday life. This is then performed in his studio in Hamburg. You never know when creativity will come with it. He laughs: “She comes when she feels like it and sometimes it doesn’t come for long, and when she comes she usually brings some friends and acquaintances with her.”

Party Best Moment: Crashes

The best moments in prom are the unplanned moments, the ones when something goes wrong. “When the string breaks, it’s funny, and above all, loud, you feel real horror.” The audience immediately understands what is going on. As a rule, they are happy with this and have a feeling: “We were there!”

He is no longer afraid of making mistakes, but welcomes them like old acquaintances, somewhat deceitful, based on the motto: “Sit down, get a biscuit, join us, play with us!”. Art has to happen, says Bodo Wartke, and you can’t force it. Just playing the tunes is not enough. He’s looking for the moment when you can watch your fingers and feel: “Now it’s going to work itself.” Art finds its own way.

First appearance in the school hall in Bad Schwartau

My voice: Piano insults and other problems he had: Bodo Wartik (34 min)

It’s been 25 years since Bodo Wartke gave his first performance at the school hall in Bad Schwartau. He remembers it well. This pleasure in rhyme, in puns, he had already at the age of ten. At that time, his godmother was always writing him intertwined letters, and he tried to imitate her. In an early Christmas carol, he was looking for a rhyme on the “Christmas platform”. And I found: “You love me tenderly.” Bodo Wartke is real. Or in “Dishwater Blues” he sings about how quickly you can wash certain things.

“What I hate is the cup, the knife is better, the plate is faster, the fork is really nice – the hawk.”
Rhyme for bodo and urtaki

Hardly anyone rhymes as dry as Bodo Wartke.

Artistic Slogan: Embracing Error

He says that Hamburg means a lot to him, as almost all programs are shown here. And here he was born in 1977. “I can’t subscribe to any of the clichés that we North Germans are always said to have. I travel a lot around the German-speaking region and often, no matter where I go, locals think they are the worst crowd In Germany “. Bodo Wartke loves this direct connection.

Bodo Wartke is curious about people

He’s curious about people and can’t wait to be in front of his fans again. For him, every performance is an eye-level conversation. His logo? Embrace opportunity and error. “Anything can happen, for better or for worse, but it usually happens for the better: if you accept it that way, then in reality you have already won.” Somehow it gives courage, especially now.

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Piano cabaret artist Bodo Wartke has a huge fan base. He is currently touring with his new show “Wandelmut”. more

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