More money also for Ukrainian refugees in the Ludwigsburg region

County of Ludwigsburg. Integration officials in area municipalities need clarification. Because people from Ukraine are getting rights more and more quickly than those who fled to Ludwigsburg from other countries years ago. Recently, for example, Iris Holzwart Schäfer, refugee aid in Schweberdingen, warned: “We are threatened by a competitive situation or a two-class society.”

What the expert means by this can be seen since Wednesday at the Employment Center in Ludwigsburg County, when refugees from Ukraine were upgraded from the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act to Hartz IV. For adults, this means an extra €82 in their wallets. As the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act currently provides only €367 for ordinary refugees, compared to €449 with Hartz IV. Housing costs are also covered in each case – with the difference that asylum seekers from Africa or Afghanistan are not given the freedom to choose an apartment. There is also better access to Medicare and integration services.

About 1,200 Ukrainian families can hope to receive a payment

The district office in Ludwigsburg assumes that about 1,200 Ukrainian families will receive Hartz IV payments by June 1 – and that the number of needy communities in the area will increase by about 20 percent. As of January 2022, the Job Center counted nearly 8,500 needy communities eligible for basic insurance. Trend for the coming months: more upside.

In May, I looked for a while as if authorities would stumble over Ukrainians changing from the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act to the fourth Hartz Act – due to a lack of paperwork. “Ponds Druckerry is currently unable to provide enough fraud-resistant document templates under which immigration authorities issue their bogus certificates,” said Reinhard Sakr, head of the county council. The certificates serve as proof to Ukrainian refugees that they are legally residing in Germany and have applied for a residence permit.

The Job Center also helps you with your job search

One of the problematic municipalities was Stuttgart, which complained not only of delivery problems but also of staff shortages – but it wasn’t Ludwigsburg. “We are aware of the difficulties facing the Bundesdruckerei,” spokeswoman Dietmar Allgaier, district manager, told our newspaper. “They do not occupy us. We have enough forms to be able to issue bogus certificates in appropriate cases.”

The authority states that about 4,000 Ukrainian refugees are currently registered in the district – and that approximately 150 IDPs in the district office’s Immigration Office’s area of ​​responsibility have a bogus certificate. However, there are seven such administrative offices between Gerlingen and Bönnigheim. “In our area of ​​responsibility, most refugees from Ukraine were granted a residence permit directly, that is, without prior imagination,” the Allgaier spokeswoman continues.

In the future, the District Job Center will not only be responsible for paying the aid, but will also support refugees in their search for work. The first impression from the last few days apparently shows that a group of Ukrainians, according to the district office the number of which cannot be determined further, has already joined the work in Germany. In addition, it appears that there are refugees who have already returned to their homeland or are planning to do so in the near future.

Information: According to the District Action Center located on the Hindenburgstraße in Ludwigsburg, it is creating a central contact point for those affected. More information is available online at under “Information for refugees from Ukraine”.

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How are Ukrainians better off

EU Directive on Mass Flow:

It comes into effect after the attack on Ukraine – and it ensures that Ukrainian war refugees are better off than other refugees. The EU directive provides for immediate granting of all Ukrainian citizens a residence permit and access to work, housing, medicine and schools throughout the EU.

Hartz IV entitlement:

The Traffic Light Coalition decides that Ukrainian refugees will receive the same benefits as Hartz IV recipients or those whose right to protection has been recognized as of June 1, 2022. Refugees from other war zones must still apply for asylum.

Beneficiaries Circle:

Since the start of the war on February 24, about 780,000 refugees from Ukraine have been registered in Germany in the Central Register of Aliens. They can now get the higher benefits – provided they claim this new benefit. According to the Interior Ministry, some of the registered refugees have already returned or traveled to other countries.

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