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The winners of the 59th National Competition “Jugend musiziert” will be selected in Oldenburg from 2 to 9 June. Two years after the outbreak of the epidemic, all competitions and concerts will be held live again.

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by Helgard Füchsel

After cancellation in 2020 and a final in 2021, it was mostly held as a video competition, the national final of The song “Young People Make Music” is back. Young musicians look forward to their performances. Just like Akar’s fire: the 17-year-old stares intently at her grades in the rehearsal room at Oldenburg School of Music. She plays the ukulele in the early musical group. The Quartet has already passed the regional competition and the state competition, she says happily. “You’re so proud of yourself. It’s my first time in the national competition. You feel like you’ve achieved a lot with the group. Of course I’m excited.”

2,300 musicians in the national final for “Jugend musiziert”

Mert Yalniz and Sara Göbel in the NDR's small broadcasting room in Hannover © NDR / Stephan Sturm

Notable duo: pianist Mert Jälnis and violinist Sara Goebel from Lower Saxony have the highest number of points in the 2021 national competition “Jugend muziziert”.

A total of 2,300 young musicians participate in the national competition. They present their skills in about 1,500 short public appearances of about 20 minutes each. They are available in very different categories like solo, vocals, pop, piano ensemble, solos, stringed instruments or even ensembles with dulcimer or Turkish balaclama. There are also five major concerts.

Holger Dinkmann, head of the Oldenburg Music School, expects that there will be many children and young adults carrying instrument bags around the city. “Of course we are proud that we managed to convince politicians to bring competition here. It is a great opportunity for our students to experience high quality music, from other children and young adults who are much older and composing music at the highest level. This is a great model and a great opportunity to think outside the box,” believes Dinkman.

Three stages in the center of Oldenburg

In the city, says Holger Dinkmann, no one can ignore music. He set up three street music stages in downtown Oldenburg. There, contest participants can book an appointment and submit whatever they want. The competition is also a celebration of organizer Ulrich Lehmann from Bonn. She is especially pleased that after two years of the pandemic she can finally meet the young people for whom she is doing all this.

The jury

In 2021, many concerts could only be held via video due to the Corona pandemic.

Lehmann would like to reach all those interested in music: “Jugend muziziert” is a large-scale promotion, especially at the regional level, which invites everyone to participate. In the national competition, of course, it is above all the best promotion, because I’ve managed two levels previously, and because of the pandemic, we lost a little bit of breadth at least last year and this year, while the top of the national competition has not seen a drop in participation. Here’s the challenge: in the coming years, to ensure that the show remains stable and at scale so that everyone really feels destined to take part in ‘Jugend musiziert’, says Ulrike Lehmann.

Corona pandemic is difficult for playgroups

The group match suffered a mandatory Corona break as well as the junior lessons. Lyman says those who have previously played music have remained enthusiastic about it. Jacob Frist from Oldenburg distracted himself by playing the piano during lockdown. “It actually helped me simply because I had so much time to do it.” The 15-year-old reached the national competition with a treble. He thinks it is good that it is now taking place in Oldenburg. “It’s more comforting to hear about other bands and other contributions. And of course you have friends and family out there who can listen.”

He wants to meet like-minded people, get acquainted with a lot of music and, possibly, like all the participants, maybe even get a prize. 17-year-old Marek says that even those who left the competition without winning a prize. She performs in an early band. “When you have a competition like this that you are preparing for, you get more involved and focus on it. After that, you usually do consultations with the jury members. There are a lot of comments about what could be improved. It makes you excited to fall for your help.”

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The jury

The development of young musicians is limited due to the Corona pandemic. This is how the national competition “Jugend musiziert” feels. more

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