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The Kirsten Boie Prize for Children’s Literature 2022 will be awarded today at Literaturhaus Hamburg to Berlin-based author and producer Jocha Marmon, who has named Karl Valentine a hero.

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by Jens Büchsenmann

Jocha Marmon has multiple talents: she produces several audiobooks, for example on popular children’s books such as “Michel aus Lönneborga”, but also Tatort podcasts for ARD audiothek. She also writes screenplays, writes speakers, actresses, and directors.

Kirsten Boie, along with Cornelia Funke, is one of Germany’s most important and most widely read children’s and young adult authors. She has published about a hundred books, including long-time favorites such as “Mövenweg’s Children”, “Ritter Trink” and “Skoogland”. Many have been filmed and set to music, and the awards the Hamburg-born composer has received can hardly be counted.

One award is named after her: the Kirsten Boie Prize for Children’s Literature, awarded every two years and awarding €5,000, plus a publishing contract. This year, it will be received by Berlin-based children’s book author Jotisha Marmon.

Marmon: “There are no themes for children or adults.”

You can talk for hours with Uticha Marmon about what makes a good children’s book author. But she can also sum up her secret in two or three clear sentences. “There are no themes for children or adults. Children live in the same world as we do. They might see it a little differently.”

Why should we stop on certain topics, the author asks: “Children have to deal with death in the same way, when a grandfather or grandfather dies, or a pet. Children have to deal with all complex topics, just like adults. That is why you are allowed in my opinion Not to protect against it, but you should try to tell or explain it in a child-friendly way.”

“Sharp and funny on the big issues,” Marmon recounts.

Which is also reflected in Jocha Marmon’s manuscript for the Kirsten Boye Prize: “Frida and Nikki, Frontier Cow and Accidental World Peace” – a title that really tells the whole story of this complex adult world. “I meet many children who bring with them everything we have to fight for as adults.”

It was about how parents could lose their children while on the run and “no sane person getting into a wrecked boat and why there is no other way to solve it”. Can you fly. These are the exact questions where as an adult you will say, “Yeah, why isn’t that actually possible?”.

“Humour always pays off”

The jury’s statement said Jotisha Marmon spoke about the major issues “in a sharp, funny and humorous way.” For her, as the author says, humor always pays off, without which life would be very stressful. and say. “I have rather sad books. I try not to lose some wit and a certain lightness. That is the essence of how to tell difficult topics well.” Filling in complex facts simply and simply – this is the most difficult thing of all. It’s a great art,” she says, laughing.

Carl Valentine is a multi-level Marmon champion

The great humorist Carl Valentine is one of their heroes. Jocha Marmon not only writes and produces several audiobooks on popular children’s books such as “Michael Os Luneberga”, but also produces the Tatort podcast for ARD Audiothek. Writes screenplays, wrote speakers and actresses, directs.

Yusha Marmon was able to talk about the topic of aviation before the years of the Ukrainian war: as a schoolgirl, she had a friend who lived with her family in a gymnasium. This memory helped her a lot in telling the story. “A lot of things are discussed. Children are not left untouched. You have to talk about issues like justice and children’s rights for refugees. This leads to the idea that there is a story to tell. Exactly how you tell it – comes from trifles or anecdotes you once heard.” Or when reading with children, whose clever questions always remain a reliable source of inspiration for Jotisha Marmon.


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Josha Marmon received the Kirsten Boye Award for the manuscript of her children’s book “Frida and Nikki, Cow Frontier and Accidental World Peace”. more

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Children's author Kirsten Bowie.  © picture alliance / Markus Scholz / dpa Photo: Markus Scholz

She has written successful novels such as “Ritter Trenk” and “Wir Kinder aus dem Möwenweg”: Kirsten Boie is one of Germany’s most famous children’s book authors. more

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