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San Francisco

If you need Daniel Theis, Daniel Theis is there. He toils under the basket, defends, watching the backs of fellow Boston Celtics players.

The Salzgitter NBA player has not played a minute in the last three games against the Miami Heat in the final round of the Eastern Conference. But if he’s sent to the start of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors on Friday night (3:00 a.m. CET): Theiss will do his work in the defensive fortress of the Record Champions. That’s why they brought him back and that’s why the Celtics got a chance to win their 18th title.

“What a team,” Theis tweeted after a tough seven-game final against the Miami Heat over a photo of himself with a Bob Causey Trophy for the NBA East Season win. He also wrote: “The next final stop.” For the first time in the career of a professional, who plays as a striker or a center. The opponent and favorite is the Golden State Warriors, who defeated the Dallas Mavericks 4-1 in the final series of the Western Conference.

The 30-year-old from Lower Saxony is the third German to get a chance to win the championship in the best basketball league in the world. Detlev Schrempf failed in 1996 with the Seattle Supersonics against the Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan. Dirk Nowitzki had to admit defeat to the Dallas Mavericks against the Miami Heat in 2006 before being the only German to lift the trophy for the title after winning in 2011, also against Miami. Eleven years later, the Mavericks’ iteration dream about the Maxi Clipper has exploded, but Theiss now has a big chance with the Celtics.

Celtics underdogs vs warriors

The Celtics are strangers against the Warriors about stars Steve Curry and Klay Thompson, but by no means without a chance – the defense is so good, it’s something no other team in the league plays. “So the other teams don’t know how to attack,” Theiss recently reported in an interview with Spox. “We are always physically there, even if we switch a lot, we leave the opponent running all the time. Stops give us easy points and transitional opportunities on the other side, and that makes attacking a lot easier. And yes, we don’t offer much of an attacking surface.”

A key part of the Celtics’ defence, Robert Williams III, has knee problems – whose substitute is named Daniel Theis. “No one can play like Rob because no one has ever been so fast and tall,” said Theis. However, he showed with Al Horford at the start of the playoffs against the Brooklyn Nets that the team can certainly make up for the tall man’s absence. “We can also switch, we can defend Pick’n’Roll as usual, we can protect the ring off the ball. It feels a little different with us than Rob.” A replay campaign by the Celtics, who were sacked last season, has paid off for the team.

The Celtics now have to hold out two games at the Chase Center in San Francisco, which they fear for their size, before the finals move to Boston at TD Garden for two games. Next, the teams alternately play the westernmost or easternmost United States until one team has four victories. If Daniel Theiss is wanted on the way, he will be there. And in two to three weeks, he could be the second German champion in the NBA. (dpa)

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