Here’s how to prepare for the Queen’s Jubilee

Preparations for the Queen’s Jubilee in the United Kingdom have been in full swing for months. Now the long royal weekend is finally approaching: from June 2-5, the kingdom will celebrate for four days the 70-year accession of Her Majesty to the throne. About Buckingham Palace like a beehive for weeks, people can be happy, too: The government has donated an extra holiday.

In Germany too, you can be there at Christmas parades and church services, at Trooping the Color and all the hype that goes with it. ZDF reports directly from the festivities and also features several royal documentaries. But you can really get in the mood for the royal dance. Our tips for indulgence and weakness.

Where even the Queen watches: ‘The Crown’ on Netflix

What Elizabeth herself believes about the “crown” is still not clear. I watched the series – except for some scandalous scenes – and found it good, and some media “from minor circles” want to hear it. King fears viewers will not be able to distinguish between fantasy and reality and is seeking a lawsuit against streaming service Netflix, according to other articles. They only agree on one thing: between them, the Queen seems to have set it up. How not…


Unmistakable: The Great Queen, played by Olivia Colman, alongside Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles’ son.

The Crown is a superbly acting, beautifully featured, and well-thought-out biographical series. Admittedly, chapters are as time-consuming as chewing gum – precisely because the lives of Elizabeth II and her hunchbacked relatives have been told in such detail. Those who stick to it will be surprised by a few lesser-known tales as well as the well-known Diana and Charles banter or the excellently illustrated freezing cold between the Queen and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Or did you know that in 1952 London was hit by a foggy disaster so devastating that people in the city could only see ten centimeters for four days, resulting in countless traffic accidents and thousands of deaths? until. Manuel Almeida Vergara

The previous four seasons of The Crown It’s currently on Netflix, with another season scheduled for release later this year.

Hach: Potion of Downton Abbey

There is no better series than Downton Abbey to indulge in and stumble upon. The fate of the Grantham family and their staff does not leave anyone indifferent, it is very detailed and realistic orchestrated, an integral part of the great historical upheavals of the beginning of the twentieth century. You want to go straight to the stately home in Hampshire, stroll through the quiet village of Bampton and then have tea with owner Mrs. Violet Crawley.


It would be great to live here: you want to move into this luxury property in Hampshire right away.

Incidentally, very large royal cutlery is also used in the 2019 movie movie: Buckingham Palace announced in the mail that King George and Queen Mary are visiting Downton Abbey as part of a royal tour of the country. Scream! Queen Elizabeth II is also said to be a fan of Downton Abbey. According to a report from the British Telegraph, the Queen knows the location of Highclere Castle well – and was therefore happy to point out errors in the production. Anne For ForRanger

All six seasons of Downton Abbey Currently available on Netflix, the first movie in the series is available on Apple TV or Amazon Prime, for example.

Only for hardcore royals: “The Queen”


It’s not always easy: The Queen, played by Helen Mirren, in “The Queen.”

The cinematic flip of Stephen Frears in front of the British Queen is really just for die-hard English royals and their daily life between charity events, hunting parties and five o’clock tea, and it’s totally dusty and outdated here.

As the Mother of the Nation, Elizabeth II (Helen Mirren) formally strides through a reality she no longer understands. Everything seems to be turned upside down, her dead daughter-in-law turns into the real “Queen of Hearts”, then comes Tony Blair, ignoring all court etiquette and wanting to show the royal family a way out of the crisis.

Frears’ 2006 film Sülzorama culminates with a scene in which the Queen, after a tire puncture in heights, meets a 14-year-old who forces her to tears at the wonderful moment. yawning! Marcus Weingartner

The movie “Queen” Currently available on Amazon Prime or Google Play.

Here’s what they’re up to: ‘Bridgerton’ on Netflix

It’s known that the most important reason to watch “Bridgerton” is: the unbearably attractive Reggie Jane Page, who played the adorable Duke Simon Bassett in season one. The page disappeared for season two, which is a real shame. Especially since Bridgerton’s movie is about one thing – the characters talk happily during the first eight episodes, someone was always sleeping with someone – rabble, rapaml, robom – there are so many possibilities to shut down the naked duke in a sweaty motion.


Who’s the hottest left Anthony Bridgeton with flirtatious sideburns, really cool Duke Simon Bassett.

But this question once asked itself and now it begs the question: what does the series offer independently of that? On the one hand, there’s the gorgeous, albeit not entirely historically correct, costumes. Also, the opera-like stories from London high society in the early 19th century, which are interesting to follow. The so-called color blindness in the series is also interesting, which means that black actors and actresses also play noble roles that, historically, should have actually been cast by whites. And last but not least: Jonathan Bailey as handsome sideburns-wearing Anthony Bridgerton. He’s not as hot as Duke in season one, but he could make up for his loss a bit. Manuel Almeida Vergara

Bridgerton’s first two seasons Available on Netflix, there will also be a third and fourth season and a spin-off on the Queen Charlotte series soon.

Between frustration and eating: “Spencer”

Kristen Stewart won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Lady Diana, the latest. This manipulative look, pain, and sense of loss in the face of the disinterested royal clan, Stewart plays it all with frightening mastery soon, only the original was better.

Spencer’s plot, Diana’s maiden name, is so pared down that you can’t lose sight of Stewart for a second when she’s alone in the endless corridors and halls of Sandringham House, where she has to spend her Christmas days with the cold royal family. Everything, from wardrobe to meals to unimportant conversations, is recorded. Diana, frustrated with her goalless marriage, walks a fine line between bouts of bulimia, suicidal thoughts, and the desire to break out of this truly golden prison. This is really a great cinema! Marcus Weingartner


Suffering in 117 minutes: Kristen Stewart as the tragically sad Mrs. D in “Spencer.”

The movie “Spencer” Not yet available in Germany in legal streaming, but it can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

For the realists: new documentaries about the queen

For those who like it free of kitsch and non-fiction, there is also plenty of material about the Jubilee Throne. For example, ARD’s six-part media library called “The Queen – Fateful Years of the Queen” isn’t entirely free of kitsch. You don’t learn anything groundbreaking in it, but you do get a good overview of six crucial stages in a king’s life, commented on by experts like longtime London correspondent Hanny Hoch. An interesting classification, then, is a historical treatise of the past seventy years. Director Claire Walding’s work reflects not only the life of the Queen, but also British post-war history.

dpa / BBC Studios

A scene from the BBC documentary ‘Elizabeth: The Invisible Queen’: Princess Elizabeth (right) and Princess Margaret.

The BBC, with which members of the royal family have recently been at loggerheads, has had the privilege of researching old home videos of the royal family. But the controversy does not cast a shadow over the jubilee, so the documentary “Elizabeth: The Invisible Queen” features previously unpublished footage from the queen’s childhood – material from the royal collection’s private collection, recorded by Elizabeth, her parents, Prince Philip and others. Below is a clip of the young princess smiling at her engagement ring. The Daily Telegraph gave the meticulously produced and researched film a five-star rating, commenting that viewers felt “closer than ever to the Queen”. Anne For ForRanger

Documentary Film “The Queen – Fateful Years for a Queen” Currently available in the ARD media library, there are also some Queen documentaries on Netflix.

For anti-fans: The Simpsons and Royal Nonsense

Can’t relate to all the royal hype? Then there’s still an episode of The Simpsons to set the mood. For example, the Queen appears in the episode “Kamp Krusty”, where she wants to make Krusty the clown a knight, but then he has to go, and in the end Elton John receives the honor.


With or without a royal guest: The Simpsons always works.

In another episode, “Regina’s Soliloquy,” the Simpsons go on vacation to London, where Homer pulls the royal carriage in a rented Mini Cooper. The Queen threw him into the tower as a punishment, but she later pardoned him and allowed him to leave England on the condition that he take Madonna with him. Anne For ForRanger

All 32 seasons of The Simpsons Available on Disney+, the “Kamp Krusty” episode described here is the first episode of Season 4.

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