Five tips for men – how to wear stylish and comfortable clothes for the office in the summer

Message from 05/30/2022

As temperatures rise, choosing clothes becomes more difficult. Men in particular do not find it easy to find the right clothes in the office. Here are 5 tips to get the perfect look in which men feel completely comfortable.

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1. Polo shirts – elegant and airy at the same time
Who doesn’t know: You’re sitting in your shirt at the office and it’s getting warmer and warmer. You start to sweat and your sense of well-being diminishes. The solution: a men’s polo shirt. Polo shirts are as popular as shirts in most industries and companies, although they are more breathable and help the body not to sweat as much.

When choosing a polo shirt, it is very important to choose high-quality materials. Some fibers promote more sweating, while natural materials have a temperature-regulating effect and are breathable. So that men feel comfortable working all day.

2. The right shoes for the summer
Dress shoes are a sore sufferer in summer, which is why there are stylish sneakers – like the ones at Sneakers are acceptable men’s shoes, which can be combined with a business casual look. But be warned: Not every company allows sneakers as a substitute. In some industries, it is still common to wear dress shoes in the office, even in the summer. Therefore a thorough research of the company’s fashion directory should be done before purchasing.

When it comes to shoes, it is important that men always wear closed shoes. There is no alternative here. Sandals or other open shoes are not permitted. Plus, socks should be worn in the shoe – and so long-wearing that you don’t see any skin.

3. Men’s summer shorts – do they exist?
While summer shorts for women are very popular and popular, many men do not realize that this alternative exists for them as well. Unlike fitting pants, summer pants are more airy and breathable. However, it looks elegant, so it can be worn for important meetings.

by the way: If you want to reduce sweating in the summer and want to keep a trendy look in the office, you should replace the black color with something else. Shades of blue, gray and green are very fashionable. Basically, any unobtrusive neutral color is allowed and can be easily combined. Unlike black clothes, pants of different colors will not heat up as quickly.

Even if the temptation is great, shorts are still strictly forbidden. So wearing shorts to the office is not an option. Even on very hot days it should be long pants.

4. Sunglasses – yes or no?
When it comes to the question of whether sunglasses are allowed at work, opinions differ. Basically, sunglasses are allowed as long as sunglasses are not worn during the conversation. Of course, it’s also forbidden indoors.

Decency requires that you take off your sunglasses when greeting or talking to someone outdoors. However, if the sun shines directly on the face, it is not a taboo to ask the other person whether wearing sunglasses is allowed.

5. Are there summer suits?
The textile industry is constantly evolving. There are now summer suits that prevent excessive sweating and are suitable for everyday work. In some professions, you can confidently do without a suit or jacket – but not everywhere. In this case, a special summer model should be found.

Linen is very breathable and allows for a cool feel on the skin even at high temperatures. However, linen tends to wrinkle easily, often resulting in a sloppy pattern. Therefore, in the summer, most men choose a suit made of light cotton. It also regulates the temperature.

You should always look at the inner lining. If you have to wear a jacket to work, you should only get a half-lined model. Alternatively, an inner lining made of silk is also suitable. This material is not only of high quality, but also very comfortable on the skin.

As a general rule, men are not allowed to show as much skin as women in summer. While women can wear a well-ventilated skirt, long pants are still mandatory for men. So it is important to choose the right materials.

Natural materials in particular are well ventilated and temperature regulated. Even those who do not use black have a huge advantage. Moreover, in more and more companies it is acceptable to wear sneakers instead of dress shoes and a polo shirt instead of a T-shirt. (PRM)

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