Census 2022: You need to know that – or that punishment is imminent

Census 2022: Here’s what you need to know about the census – or else you’ll face a hefty fine

These industries are benefiting from the Corona crisis!

These industries are benefiting from the Corona crisis!

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Eleven years later, it’s time again! subordinate 2022 Census Currently in full swing.

It used to be called a census, now it’s called a census census. when you 2022 Among the respondents, you should think about it in advance. Otherwise, things may end badly for you.

The 2022 census starts late – that’s why

Since Monday, May 16, 2022, about 10 million people in Germany have been asked about their marital status or their job. Selected by random generator. Anyone scheduled to take part in the census will receive a letter submitted in their mailbox.

The census is usually held every ten years, but it was postponed for a year due to Corona. All member states of the European Union (EU) are obligated to conduct a census of population, buildings and housing.

Census 2022: Is participation mandatory? And what threatens?

Therefore questioning is also obligatory for the elect. Anyone who ignores a written request will be reminded of a second letter. Then there are penalties.

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“If respondents do not comply with their obligation to provide information even after being reminded several times, fines or fines may be paid,” the Federal Statistical Office said. The amount is determined by the federal states. Usually the fine is 300 euros. However, there is no getting around the answer. Anyone who knowingly provides false information can be fined 5,000 euros.

Census 2022: What is the purpose of all this and how does the process work?

The goal of censuses is to create a reliable planning basis for political and economic decisions at the federal, state, and local levels. Much of the numbers are from data already available, such as registration data from public administration records.


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But there are also random surveys of individual households. For this, respondents must undergo a short interview at the front door. If it is not possible to set a joint appointment, the survey can also be taken in writing.

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In the interview, questions regarding the person, age, gender and nationality should be clarified. The interview usually takes five to ten minutes. All interviews must be completed by mid-August. The results of anonymized data collection are expected to be available by the end of 2023.

Census 2022: Be Careful When You Hear These Questions – There’s a Bad Trick Behind It

Since May 16, citizen referendums have been held throughout the country. Interviewers will come to your house and ask you some questions. But the statistics say 2022 Also risks to the population. Because scammers can pretend to be interlocutors (more on this here).

Census 2022: Annoying bug!

The authorities made an invalid error in the 2022 census. These messages should not be sent. (Here are the details) (cg)

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