Beatrice Egli talks about dating, pressure and her new documentary


Singer, presenter, mountaineer – native of Schweiz is an all-round talent. Now offering special insights in the two-part documentary Beatrice Egli Unlimited.


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The documentary “Beatrice Egli Unlimited” kicks off Wednesday night on the CH oneplus media streaming platform.

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Among other things, the pop singer will get an insight into her childhood and open her own family album.

Among other things, the pop singer will get an insight into her childhood and open her own family album.

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In addition, her career, which began nine years ago by winning the

In addition, her career, which began nine years ago with the victory of the “Deutschland Likest den Superstar”, was discussed.

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Beatrice Egli, in your new documentary, Beatrice Egli Unlimited, takes your fans on a journey that is important to you. How did this happen?

The pandemic cents gave me time to think. It was the perfect moment to dedicate myself to rising the Matterhorn and meeting this challenge. I wanted to capture it forever because I knew it was going to be a very moving, stressful and intense time when I could take so much with me. Every time I see her now, I can proudly say, “Wow, I did.”

How much will you see?

It’s a very personal documentary, but it has private areas that I’ll never open to the public. This will always be the case with me. You can already know a lot about me in my music, now you can also get pictures for my songs.

People around you have criticized climbing the Matterhorn and advised you not to. How much does criticism really bounce back from you?

Criticism is important and I need it in life. However, it always depends on who’s coming. I have a close environment that has been working with me and over the years, where I really appreciate candor and honesty. For me, standing is still a step back. When criticism comes from outside, people who don’t want the best from me, I let it bounce off me. I have often been judged and convicted. But I’m grateful for that, because it was the only way I could learn to stand up on my own quickly. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had the chance to go my own way.

It’s not your only teacher: next year is the tenth anniversary of your winning the Deutschland Asst den Superstar. Now what would you say to your 24-year-old self?

A certain basic confidence that everything will turn out well. I would hug her and tell her: “You are as good as you are, stop comparing yourself and avoid your doubts.”

Did you watch the current season?

No, actually not. But I hear a lot from Florian, who is fully involved. It’s good to know how much to change. At the same time, I am very off topic – which is a good thing.

Florian Silberisen always tells you a love story. Is there anything behind you?

It is wonderful that so many interpret their dreams in love with each of us. However, the two of us are just good colleagues and we do great together. We also have very intense discussions, but it’s all on a friendly and group basis.

Is there another person in your life?

There are many – sometimes silly – headlines circulating about you. What do you think that?

You do not stop, to amaze me. But now I can laugh about it. However, if things were not fair and lies were spread, I was still impressed. Turn me into a love story, I got over it easily. However, when it comes to the person and things are invented that I should or shouldn’t do, I find it a limit.

Rarely is anyone else from public life asked more about their character than you. Is this the reason for singing about the shame of the body in the song “Ganz egal”?

I don’t think I could sing a song with that confidence if I didn’t go through this process as well. I find it rude to speak of another body at all. It is good that in the ten years of my life there has been such a great change in public that one does not dare to criticize it anymore.

Do you sometimes find it difficult to appear in public?

Nobody has to be in the public eye 24 hours a day. There are days when I like to withdraw, I need to be silent and think. I also like to hide and be in nature. So, I’m not Beatrice Egli, the public figure. These moments are very important to me, you can see that in my documentary.

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