As an additional element of the filming location of the feature film “Die Mittagsfrau” in Altenburg

Altenburg.What is going on there? Suddenly, Gerhard-Altenbourg-Strasse is closed, large vehicles are brought to a standstill in Ernestinum, and people who look badly damaged are walking along the edge of downtown Altenburg. Filming of the movie “The Midday Lady”. Several scenes from this film have been filmed in the city of Schachtstadt since the end of May, secretly at first, but will be shown to the public for the first time on Tuesday. Right in the middle: LVZ employee Mike Steuer, who is imitated as an injured civilian. field report.

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“Mike, that’s not really real. They just play it,” my mother always reassured me when I was a kid when sufferers appeared on TV series or movies that, in my opinion, looked so damaged. The same sentence will run into a loop in my head on Tuesday afternoon. I didn’t quite enter the music hall when my eyes fell on the arm of a bloodied man, which made the makeup artist explode. A woman’s face is disfigured by severe cuts, and I’ll get it too, because today I’m using some scenes in “Die Mittagsfrau”.

Six days of filming in Altenburg

Director Barbara Albert has adapted the bestselling screenplay by 15-year-old German author Julia Frank. As a backdrop, Altenburg was allowed to contribute large amounts of motion pictures over the six days of filming. In addition to Skatstadt, the film was also shot in Bavaria in cooperation with ZDF, as well as in Leipzig. Locations in Luxembourg and Switzerland tracking. While the film crew had been secretly working in Altenburg since the end of May, their shootings on the corner of Fabricstraße and Wenzelstraße, in the castle and at Südstraße, shortly before the end of their time in Altenburg caused an uproar in the middle of the city.

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Filming of “Midday Woman” dominates the picture in Gerhard-Altenbourg-Strasse.

Ernestinum becomes a hospital

Gerhard Altenburg Strasse? It was blocked to make way for the convoy of vehicles, technology, and staff needed to make a movie. Today’s “idea”, and thus also the workplace for us, the additions: Ernestinum. Before its heyday as a new library, which is still a long way off, it was a very original military hospital in its current form, as it might have appeared in May 1945.

Film ready Altenburg

The filming of “Die Mittagsfrau” joins the ever-growing list of television and film films for which Altenburg has served as a backdrop. Selection:

2002: “Vaya con dios”

2005: Mistresses – the secret power of a woman

2007: “The Moon and Other Lovers”

2010: “Counter-revolution and the seizure of power”

2012: “Night over Berlin”, “Beloved Sisters”, “Foundation of the Reich”, “Nervous Superpower”

2014: “Kathy Cruz”

2017: Astrid Lindgren, End Times

2022: “midday woman”

A civilian was wounded for eight hours

To fit into this picture, I leave my life as Mike on the clothes hanger in the music hall fashion district and for the next eight hours I put on the skirt, blouse and tank top that had been worn shortly before the end of World War II. My nose piercing has to go, and my long hair is torn and styled into a bun. It looks fantastical, fanciful and too tidy for what is expected of me as a “wounded civilian”.

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eyesight hurts

Shortly thereafter, my right forearm looked like I had been severely scratched somewhere, and my left wrist flickered purple and green to the point where it hurt to look at it. Outside the door, we turn to clothes and skin, which acquire the color of misery and destruction thanks to a lot of dirt and dust. Because the scenes that should be in the box by evening are undoubtedly among the most frustrating and frustrating scenes in the film.

Even if we were only supposed to play our game and do our best to serve as a reliable framework for the main protagonists, the dark scenario on the ground floor of Ernestinum is very close to my heart. She was laid on a camp bed, surrounded by nearly thirty other additional actors and junior actors, all of whom appeared to have been badly beaten and had serious wounds on various parts of their bodies.

It feels so real

It’s all not real, just a small part of the big picture that makes up the complex plot of “Die Mittagsfrau”. Yet I am happy with every break outside in the sun, because our imagination for 77 years is a sad reality in some parts of Ukraine. Accordingly, I see my commitment as a constant walk on a tightrope, vacillating between “let people be afraid of how we look ‘good’ today” and “that’s blatant and not actually funny.”

Every hour a subject for a few minutes

“We shoot! And please!” Over and over I go to my starting position, i.e. I lie in pain on my bed in the hospital corridor and, depending on the scene, I am sometimes looked after by a nurse and sometimes ignored. Every now and then I “finish” the optics, because my shoes look too clean or my hairstyle could cause more damage. Over and over, each setting is trained first and then rotated, changing perspective or tweaking small things until all is well. Hours of material that will be cut into a tiny bit to make it fit for the film. If I’m lucky and editing is on my side, the movie will hit the big screen in 2023 with me in a recumbent role.

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Injuries are simply eliminated

When our last additions fall at 7:30 p.m., it only takes a good swish of makeup-removing tissues to heal my injuries. I am glad to be able to slip into my clothes again and swap the organized horror at Ernestinum for a quiet evening on the couch. Despite everything, it was really fun!

Midday Woman – That’s it

“Die Mittagsfrau” by Julia Frank (born 1970 in East Berlin) is set in Bautzen and Berlin in the first half of the 20th century. Focus: Helen Forsch (played by Mala Emdy) and her life story. This ideally begins at Bautzen in 1907, but is marked by a great deal of pain and loss as it progresses. Her fiancé dies, followed by her marriage to a savage Nazi (played by Max von der Groppen) and the birth of her son Peter, whom she takes care of but cannot love. Always seeking to cover up her Jewish origins, standing up to the broken pieces of her marriage and shaped by the events of World War II, she made an incredible decision while fleeing Pomerania in 1945: she abandoned seven-year-old Peter on a platform — hoping for a fresh start. The novel based on the film was released in 2007 and became a best-selling novel, translated into 37 languages ​​and won a German Book Award.

Written by Mike Stoer

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