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Tennis fans are looking forward to Friday. Then Alex Zverev (25) will have to face Rafael Nadal (35) in the French Open semi-finals. If he wins this match and then even the tournament in Paris, he will top the world rankings as of next week. As the first German since Boris Becker (54) in 1991!

How similar are Zverev and Becker, what does the title set for the two look like? Comparison!


Zverev: His greatest success so far: Olympic gold in Tokyo 2021. He has already won 19 titles in total, including the ATP Finals in 2018 and 2021 as well as an Olympic gold medal. However, he has not yet managed to win one of the Grand Slam competition.

At the beginning of 2022, Zverev said: “My parents told me that whole families would be sitting in front of the TV when Boris or Steffi was playing. Something like that is unimaginable today. But I also don’t think anyone expects me to be or become second Boris Becker. Not only the players, but the spectators and fans were also from a different generation at the time. I don’t want that, I can’t either.”

Baker: He won 49 championships. Unlike Zverev, he was able to win six major slams in his career – three of them Wimbledon. While Zverev has won two world titles to date, Becker took the title in 1988, 1992 and 1995.

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‘Baker Pike’: 17-year-old Boris Becker dived after ball during the tournament at Wimbledon in 1985. As the youngest player and first German ever, unseeded Boris Becker stunningly won the Wimbledon final in four sets against Kevin Koren on July 7 .Photo: dpa

playing style

Zverev: He seems controlling, always shining with his style. But for Baker, this is sometimes not enough. In the middle of 2021, Becker criticized: “In the critical stages, he remains very passive. He is behind the baseline and hopes that the opponent will make a mistake.” Zverev’s counterattack at that time: “Boris and I have known each other for a long time. One knows what the other is thinking. I know what Boris thinks. It’s nothing new.”

In 2017, Zverev said of Becker at Spiegel: “What Boris did at that time was amazing. But he was not as fit as the players today, he had a different physique and less muscle mass.”

Playing hand: the right hand, with the back of the hand.

Baker: It was always full of it, offensive rather than negative. Fist, plunge, and put all his strength into matches.

Becker 2017 on Zverev: “Sasha represents himself. I don’t even want to compare him to the ex. You have to see him as he is, first of all, Sasha Zverev. He is not someone who has been before.”

Playing hand: right, one-handed.

cash prize

Zverev: In his career, the tennis champion has already earned 31.7 million dollars (about 30 million euros).

baker: In his 15 years in business (1984 to 1999) the amount was $25 million (about €23.5 million).


Zverev: He has been in a relationship with Sofia Tomala since 2021. He is the father of a daughter since March 2021. Zverev’s parents are from Russia, Alexander Zverev’s father has been coaching him since childhood.

baker: He’s been with Lillian since 2020, and he was previously married twice. He has four children (Noah, Elias, Anna, Amadeus) from three women (Barbara, Angela, Lily).

Alex Zverev collaborates with SofiaFoto: Getty Images

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Alex Zverev collaborates with SofiaPhoto: Getty Images

Career record

Zverev: In his career so far he has 334 wins and 149 losses. The balance is balanced with class. So far he has won 66.15 percent of his matches on hard courts, 68.7 percent on clay, 63.83 percent on grass and 66.13 percent indoors.

baker: In his 15 years as a professional, he has 713 wins and 214 losses. Baker looked unbeatable on many surfaces – except in the sand. He won 72.11 percent of his matches on hard courts, 77.63 percent on grass, 76.92 percent indoors and 61.22 percent on grass.

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