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Many have already bought a €9 ticket – they can also use it from Wednesday. An overview of what consumers can expect.

From Wednesday, June 1, interested parties can use the €9 ticket to travel by bus and regional trains throughout Germany. We’ve summarized the most important questions and answers about the plans for you.

€9 tickets are available via apps, ticket offices, customer centers and other points of sale of the respective transport companies and associations. Since Monday, the German Transport Association (VDV) has its own “9-Euro-Ticket” app, which can also be used to purchase monthly tickets. It can be downloaded from the usual platforms. The train ticket is available online and at the counter, but some transport associations also sell a €9 ticket. If you already have a subscription, the difference should be redeemed automatically – by reducing direct debit or refund. The subscription card in question is automatically valid for subscribers throughout Germany as a €9 ticket. The €9 ticket is also available at the customer centers of some carriers, such as the SSB in Stuttgart.

The €9 ticket is available from June 1 for the three summer months of June, July and August. It is applied from the first day (midnight) to the last day (midnight) of a calendar month. It does not renew automatically. The price is nine euros per month. A single ticket must be purchased for each month.

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Buyers of a €9 ticket must be able to use local and regional public transport nationwide, even across transport union and state borders. Nationwide, these are all regular buses and all trams, undergrounds, regional trains, regional express trains and even ferries, such as Hamburg or Berlin. The €9 ticket is not expressly valid for long-distance transportation (IC, EC, ICE, long-distance buses). But there is one exception: the ticket can be used for intercity trips in Gäubahn between Stuttgart and Singen (province of Konstanz). It is only valid in second class on all trains.


Pre-sales of the €9 ticket also started on Monday at local transfer points of sale in Heilbronner-Hohenloher-Hall. The request was great.

Children under the age of six travel for free. On the other hand, older children need their own ticket or ticket of €9. Depending on the itinerary and duration, a group day ticket may be cheaper.

Yes, with a €9 ticket you can travel in regional traffic to the station where you can change to a long distance train. However, a separate ticket is always required for long-distance travel.

If you previously had to buy a ticket to take your bike with you in the transport union, this regulation will also continue to apply to the €9 ticket during the three summer months mentioned. The exceptions are likely to be monthly tickets, where the bike ride is included in the price or is free anyway. So it is possible to buy a 9 euro ticket that is valid for a month. But if you want to take a bike with you, it will cost 5.30 euros per day in Schleswig-Holstein, for example, according to the local transport association there. Due to the many different regulations, passengers who wish to take their bikes with them must know the rules applicable in the respective transport association in advance. The railway explicitly warns that many trains may be very full from June to August, so cycling is not guaranteed. Bicycle travel on public holidays should also be avoided.


Standing in line for a €9 ticket at Karlsruhe Market Square (Photo: SWR)

Pre-sales of tickets for €9 started on Monday at the Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund customer centers. According to KVV, there were only slight delays.

The conditions of carriage of the respective transport association apply, and whether or not dogs can be taken free of charge. Small dogs are often allowed to ride at no extra charge, but a child ticket may have to be purchased for larger dogs. It is not possible to buy a 9 euro ticket for dogs. Dogs can be taken according to the normal fare regulations, depending on the network, and possibly with a separate ticket. This also applies to guide and assistance dogs – current regulations continue to apply here.

VVS €9 smartphone ticket (Photo: dpa Bildfunk, Picture Alliance)

The ticket promises that you can travel as much as you want by bus and train for nine euros per month. But if you don’t pay attention to the details, it will be better. These are the pitfalls of a 9 euro ticket.

According to the Federation of German Carriers (VDV), 30 million ticket users can be expected per month across Germany. But this is only an estimate. The high demand for tickets is an indication: nearly three million tickets have been sold via Deutsche Bahn’s digital channels alone as of Monday (May 30). Many experts are already anticipating the first stress test of public transportation for the long Pentecost weekend.

The PRO BAHN passenger association has warned of overloading on tourist routes. Overcrowded trains are under threat, especially on routes popular with tourists, and for which there are no alternative long-distance trains, said Stefan Pohl, president of the Baden-Württemberg state association of PRO BAHN. These include above all the Black Forest Railway between Offenburg (Ortenaukreis) and Singen (Konstanz region), and Gäubahn between Stuttgart, Singen and Bodenseebahn.

The train itself also warns that there are very crowded trains with the intention of taking bikes with you. It is not guaranteed that you will always be able to take bicycles with you. Bicycle travel should be avoided, especially on public holidays.


€9 ticket: soon also with KVV (Photo: dpa Bildfunk, Picture Alliance)

With the €9 card, the federal government wants to lighten the burden on citizens. From when a ticket is available €9 from KVV, where you can buy it and where it is valid – an overview.

Yes, according to the carriers, they will continue to check in as normal. If you are found without a ticket, you still pay the so-called increased transfer fee which is usually €60.

Several carriers have advertised booster trains for a period of three months in which the ticket is valid for €9. Deutsche Bahn, for example, wants to use 50 more trains and increase the number of employees. It added that 250 additional rides could be offered on the vehicles. They should be used mainly along tourist routes towards the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and in the south. Experts doubt that this is enough.

The ticket aims to offset the sharp rise in energy prices. The Greens project is considered after the Free Democratic Party (FDP) pushed through the temporary energy tax cuts. This is of particular interest to motorists. Federal Transport Minister Volker Wessing (FDP) said Wednesday after a cabinet meeting in Berlin that the ticket was an opportunity to make local public transport visible. Helps save energy and perfectly adapts to the times.

The Minister for Transport of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Hermann (Green Party), is of the opinion that after the “beautiful special offer”, tariffs should not exceed the ceiling. This is exactly why federal states want better financing for domestic transportation in the long run. Their demand: another 1.5 billion euros from the federal government this year, the so-called regionalization funds. Because the federal states want to permanently win new customers for public transport with a ticket of 9 euros.

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