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Trieste on the Adriatic – culture, hiking, sea

huge channel

Annette Eckel: “Triste offers one A unique blend of palaces, café romance and culture right on the Adriatic. It also has a wonderful hinterland. The city lies between the sea and karst landscapes with many hiking opportunities, for example in Rosandra Valley Right in front of the front door. It is a popular hiking and trekking destination and is a nature reserve. This is the rock and mountain formation in the area Trieste Karst. These are eroded rocks that can form deep cavities, like these Grotta Gigante in Sgonico, only 15 kilometers from Trieste. It is available to visitors and is considered One of the largest viewing caves in Europe.
The charm of Trieste has always attracted writers. Rainer Maria Rilke About been visiting for months Duinu Castle. The city invites you to let yourself be carried away. subordinate huge channel Exudes a feeling of being in Venice. Countless squares, restaurants and cafes on every corner, little winding streets, high up in the castle – no one will be able to escape this unique atmosphere.

For all sun worshippers, the city ​​beach A chance to relax after a day of sightseeing on the Adriatic. Here you meet in Kilometers from the waterfrontMoreover Riviera Triestina Called, mostly locals. Behind it is a beautiful green with macaques and mixed forests.
Many things can be wonderfully explored on foot, by bus or by boat, after all we have the port right in front of our noses and from there we can easily discover the Friulian coast and the world of lakes.
It presents itself especially in the atmosphere city ​​in the evening With nice lighting and lots of live music.
Anyway, it’s a good idea to plan a long weekend, but you can also stay here for a week.”

Heading there

Munich – Trieste: 500 km, about 5 hours
Nuremberg – Trieste: 670 km, about 6.5 hours


If you are coming by car, you must have one Stop in Udine and Palmanova Keep in mind that it would be a shame to ignore these cities.

Munich – Trieste: 7.5 hours, shortest trip (via Salzburg, Villach, Udine) €49.50 at the super saving price
Nuremberg – Trieste: 8 hours 45 minutes, shortest connection 56.10 € at the price of super saving


Trieste Offers without a car In order to arrive then you will not have any problems in parking because it is rare in the city!

There are good boat connections from the port of Trieste to the coastal town of Mogia, Montemera Castle, Sistiana Bay (the entrance to the Rilke hiking trail) and Grado. Information below

Things to do

Discover Trieste – Arenas and Palazzo

Piazza Unita in Trieste |  Photo: BR/Annette Eckel

Piazza Unita

Annette Eckel: “Just organize a small map of the city and you can start exploring the city. We feel like we are in Venice, walking along huge channel From Trieste, with many cafes and restaurants. It’s also a great place in town to enjoy the sunset.
The large square is especially impressive Piazza del Oneta d’Italia, the main city square, which is somewhat reminiscent of Vienna. Behind it extends to small streets, beautiful shops and restaurants. the city with her A mixture of classic, neo-gothic and modern art Eye treatment. You can’t get out of the crowd on your first visit. A new surprise awaits us around every corner.
A great end to our excursion is the road to the castle San Giusto Castle, With a wonderful view of the rooftops of the city. The castle can be reached from the city center in just over half an hour. It’s an easy climb, and especially in summer, the castle comes to a new musical life with many concerts high above Trieste.
In the evenings, the town is particularly beautiful and atmospheric with lighting, wine shops, restaurants, some with live music. Everything seems very informal. Just stop, listen and walk into a far corner. Nice evenings can hardly be nicer! “

Castles, cliffs and a poetic touch

Duino Castle |  Photo: BR/Annette Eckel

Duinu Castle

Annette Eckel: “Which castle should it be today, a visitor to Trieste asks himself. These two are almost necessary, only because of the location on the steep coast:
Duino Castle: Everything here reminds us Rainer Maria Rilkewho spent four months there. Located on a rocky outcrop above the sea, the place is a legend for Rilke fans. Here Rilke wrote his first book “Duineser Elegien” 110 years ago, which is considered the culmination of his poetic work.
He has one too Pass Buildings Dedicated, which leads along steep cliffs over the sea from the Gulf of Sistiana to the castle with great views. subordinate ‘Centero Rilke It is about 2 kilometers long and meanders through a karst landscape with oaks and pines. The scents of Mediterranean herbs and lookout points open up again and again, inviting you to relax and enjoy.
start from Sistiana Bay (Begin at the top of the turns in the road), then little by little Duino Castle appears in the distance and gets closer and closer.
The castle is also worth seeing from the inside, with a beautiful courtyard, and Rilke’s room And on the piano Franz Liszt Already played during his stay. Moreover Empress Sisi been here before.
On the way back, the view opens onto Sistiana Bay, a popular bathing destination. So by all means Pack your swimming suits And jump into the sea after hiking.
Admission: adults 10 euros


The best way to get to Duino or Sistiana is by bus, there is also a boat connection to Sistiana – you will not have any problems with parking.
The Rilke-Sentiero hike takes about 30 minutes easily. But feel free to plan more time for photo stops.

Miramar Castle |  Photo: BR/Annette Eckel

Miramar Castle

Miramar Castle: The castle was among other things Summer residence in Habsburg He is gorgeous from Trieste with boat Access. The trip alone is truly royal as the castle gets closer and closer. It looks especially impressive from the sea, as it rises on a rocky cliff.
From the pier it only takes a few minutes through a small park to the castle. The The outdoor and garden facilities can be accessed free of charge And it is really nice to look at the sea between the pillars of the castle.
If you still want to see the inner workings of the castle: entry costs 10 euros for adults.

Grado – “Golden Island of Trieste”

Grado port |  Photo: BR/Annette Eckel

Grado port

Annette Eckel: “Journey to Grado he is Perfect day trip Along the Friulian coast. The most relaxing way to combine that is with a boat ride. (Arrival by car is about 50 km by road via a 1 km vehicular bridge).
We start right away Trieste port And 1/4 hour on the road until we reach Grado. This place is also calledGolden Trieste Island specified. The former fishing village is not yet crowded at this time of year and we leisurely wander the small streets with lovely shops. The quirky little place is located under the 6th century parish church and the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie scam protection and protected by a dam. There are two sandy beaches To enjoy and relax. Since they fall very shallowly into the water, they are especially popular among families.
From Grado port we can take a smaller boat lake view Explore the upper Adriatic. Here we plunge into a completely different world, passing through the small fishermen’s huts, the kazoni, with thatched roofs typical of this region, which provide protection for the fishermen and a living space. “

the tickets:

Approx. €11.50 Return of Trieste-Grado (depending on the supplier)
All information about the lake boat trip at the link:

Overnight stay

Trieste and the Friulian Coast have accommodations to suit every taste:

  • Apartments: In the historic old town, just a few minutes from the port and castle, perfect for exploring the city.
  • Price for two people: from about 70 euros / night
  • Hotels: In the centre, in Città Vecchia (Old Town), per room and night from about €70
  • Bed and breakfast: For example, near the Rosandra Valley (San Dorligo della Valle), in a small country house with a garden, sleeps two people per night about 80 euros
  • Vacation on the farm: From 74 euros for two people per night.


fish dish |  Photo: BR/Annette Eckel

fish dish

Annette Eckel: “In terms of cooking, this region has everything your heart could wish for. Trieste lives within it Café culture. It dates back to a time when artists, thinkers, and writers such as James Joyce came together.
Today there are still small coffee roasters and plenty of first-class cafés reminiscent of the traditions of Viennese coffeehouses.
The location by the sea is also reflected in the kitchen: Excellent fish dishes or spaghetti ale vongole.
There are good things everywhere macaronithat is, homemade pasta of all kinds or classics like Bresaola with arugula. After strolling through the karst landscape, one gets to taste goulash with gnocchi Especially good. It’s also gentle on the eyes and stomach, once through The market in Trieste For a walk to buy fresh vegetables and fruits. So it is also ideal for self-catering.
in many wine shops You can, among other things, Typical white Friulian wine enjoy.
visit to Lots of delicious foods It completes everything. Here we can stock up on everything we love about Italian cuisine, starting with pork meat until olive oil And the pouch. “


“It was hard for me to say goodbye to Trieste because I wish I could have stayed a little longer. Especially when you vent about the lifestyle out there and slowly start to feel like home.”

Annette Ekl, travel expert

Happy trip! I wish Annette Eckel and “We’re in Bavaria”

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